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not enough .... agression.

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  • not enough .... agression.

    should have pushed more please review

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    I'm shoving pre flop but your flop play should have been a 2/3rd bet or shove.

    The 2 stacks behind you can take a hit and they will call a wider range than you will shove from. That's my main reason without being fancy why I'm shoving pre.
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      Hi slfmd4life! What kind of tourney is this? It will have a factor on what my play would be, along with reads on the opps and how they are playing. If this is a league game, I'm flatting here, since I'm out of position and I want to make the chips last as long as I possibly can, to get ITM and get the extra league points. If this was a cash tourney, I'm shoving preflop. There is just under 1/2 my stack in dead chips out there and I really don't want to have to play the hand out of position against multiple opps, if I can avoid it. I flop top pair and do want to make a lead bet here. In doing so, I want to use my std c-bet of 1/2 pot. If there would have been a flush draw, with multiple opps in, then I'd even bet more (and since this would be a very considerable amount of my stack, I'm shoving). I don't want to bet less here, as if someone does have a draw or lower pair, I do not want to give them the correct odds to draw at me. The turn brings a possible straight and flush draw. I will make a bet here both for value and to price out the draws and with the size of the pot compared to what I have left, I'm shoving. Again, I don't want to give the opp the correct odds to be drawing at me. On the river, I'd have just called the opps bet, as a 5 is well within their range since they called down every bet. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        thank you for all of your help



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