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  • Confused

    13 Left were on the bubble 12 get paid. I am thinking if i shove they fold. I cant understand the instant call. I will just have another few days off as i clearly do not know what i am doing.

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    Just Unlucky, well played.umbup:


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      Hi m.bisland,

      What reads do you have on the opponent? Reads can be pretty critical here, since you thought they would fold to a shove but they called off with 3 high, so obv not folding anything.

      With a 35bb stack we don't necessarily need to shove, I think it's ok to flat, and pursue the pot if we improve our hand rather than play for all the chips preflop.

      Don't get me wrong, I think shoving is ok too especially when they are going to punt their stack with 3 high, but we're a little deep for it in this spot for my tastes.

      As for the opponent's call, the top 4 possible explanations are:

      1) 23s is their favorite hand
      2) psychic powers were working strong
      3) misclick
      4) they are really bad at poker

      Take your pick.

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        You forgot the most important one, it's sooooooooooooted.

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          honestly wtf,people obviously know something we do not? i have been done by 72,63,92,93 in the same manner as you,close to bubble or on bubble, why do people do this?
          i agree you did not need to shove, but wow the opp should of never ever called that, and i bet the opp was quite tag then out of the blue bamm, you were done?
          seen it far to often and personally i do not thing its bad players but players who have some info or system we do not have.
          Theres no other way to explain this, i tried to bring this discussion up a few times and was shrugged off by members, theres no way any poker player is calling that in that situation unless they are retarded,but to make it to bubble posistions suggests not,so like i said b4 i think somehow some way these players are cheating and thats my opinion i swear by.


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            Just a thought

            I know myself from talking to people and from my own play that sometimes people don't care if they win or lose, and just want the chance to bubble someone to make themselves feel good and yourself bad.
            Call it, calling for kicks.
            Also some people will not ever let go of suited connectors, especially if they think, hmmm you know what, a low wheel draw or diamond flush draw have not come out in while and I think I could hit here because one is due. Plus the big blind could also be shove stealing with air trying to play the bubble too.

            Just some thoughts I had, plus some of the things I think myself when playing. I do know that near the bubble I don't like to dump all in unless I have aa kk or maybe qq, otherwise I'm looking for a flop hit to bet on because I personally hate the bubble..........


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              To echo what others have said, before you shove you should ask yourself the likelyhood of a call by your opponents. A lot of players feel they have to defend if they commit any chips to the pot and that includes being on the small or big blinds. I have HEM2 now which will tell me the VPiP of any player but I was always aware of how loose or tight a player was even before I started using it (I feel it's a good strength I have in poker)

              With 12 to the payout I'm flatting here although maybe going broke on that flop.

              Many players have no concepts of chips and bet sizing. In micro and freerolls, it's a good idea to pot bet each street as your opponents won't have a clue about odds and will chase a turn bet to a pot bet with a flush draw or even a gutshot. By pot betting you will give them no odds and will maximise profits.
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