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6 max bankroll management

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  • 6 max bankroll management

    hi im playing the 6 max sit n goes and doing alright making a little profite im just playing the 1.50 6 max. But now im thinking about moving up a level can someone give a good bankroll fer all levels starting frome the lowest 6 max sit n goes thx 4 ur time

    example 1.50 6 max 30 buy ins would be 45 bucks
    3.50 6 max 30 buy ins 105 bucks can u also include starting with 150 6 max howe mutch mony u should start with and how mutch mony u should have to move up a level including the buy ins thx 4 ur time it will be a great help
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    I don't play 6-max that often, but I know short handed games involve more variance than full ring sngs. So I would recommend for non-turbo 6-max, 100 buy-ins.

    If you lose say 25 buy-ins at the next level you should drop back down and grind back up. That way you stay out of trouble and don't go busto.

    So to recap: 100 buy-ins @ $3.50 = $350 bankroll.

    Lose 25 buy-ins = $87.50.

    Remaining bankroll still a healthy $262.50.

    That's 175 buy-ins for the $1.50 sngs. Plenty of buy-ins to grind back up to $350.

    The rake for the $1.50 is too much in my opinion. However, the rake for the $1.50 9-man knockouts is 15 cents. The games are very loose, and I recommend you play these for bankroll building.
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      thx 4 the info i think ill just stick with the 1.50 cent 6 ma and 9 man sit noges try to build a roll and make 150 pluse vvps to play the priemier leage hopfully i can do well with both and keep building a bankroll now i wonder whut would be the better way to take with the leuges play agresive at first and take the chance of getting big chip stack so when u do good ur the big stack and make it verry far if not win or just play tight anf start getting more agresive towards the end whut witch one of thos 2 ways we be the best rout to take with the leuge to make points


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        I am a bit of a bankroll nit. I have been thinking not everyone is as tight with their money as I am. And my advice may well have put you off from taking a shot. So I have decided to offer a different explanation and bankroll strategy. First off, you need a safety net if you don't intend to go busto and deposit again. With that in mind, what is your buy in safety net for the $1.50 6-max and 9-man sngs? These games are soft and I think 60 buy-ins should cover it. So that's a $90 bankroll. This is your safety net! Look after it at all costs! Now, you just need to work out how many buy-ins you are prepared to lose at the next level, before calling it quits and moving back down again? Let's say it is 20 buy ins. Or an additional $70 on top of your safety net of $90. So you now need just $160 to take a shot at the $3.50. However, immediately move back down to $1.50 if you lose those 20 buy-ins. This is absolutely crucial. Otherwise you could go busto chasing losses. Take stock, regroup and simply grind back up until you have won enough to play another 20 buy ins at $3.50. Note: $3.50 9-man knockouts are raked at 30 cents. 8.5% These games will likely be much looser and more profitable than ordinary $3.50 9-man sngs which are raked at 39 cents. Just over 11%. All being equal, after 200 games you will save an average of $18 on rake alone playing these $3.50 knockouts instead of the normal 9-man sngs. Plus the knockouts are softer with all the fish chasing the bounties!umbup:
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          Hi Luc, I'm also a bankroll nit but I'll give you my tuppence worth as I also play $1.50- $7 6 max STT's albeit in Limit form.

          4 things you should ask yourself.

          a) How long have you been playing?
          b) How confident are you?
          c) Do you know your overall ROI?
          d) Can you multi table?

          If your bankroll can take it then there's nothing wrong with taking a shot at $3.50. The standard won't be any different, in fact it will be somewhat easier as more players will respect your raises and it won't be as much of a donkfest. You will also find a lot of the same players that play $1.50 games, if you have enough notes then you can table select and find yourself a soft game.

          I have a 14% ROI at this level but I still had a run of 13 straight losses. Remember no matter how good you are, and even if you play every game perfectly, there is a luck element that means you can have a losing streak.

          Have you considered multi tabling? 2 games at $1.50 is almost the same as 1 tabling a $3.50 game. I'm currently training myself to be a big multi tabler. I play 10 turbo's at a time in 2 hour slots, I fit in about 24 games. I started with just 2 and built up from there. I started tiling tables, then moved to cascading for 6 but now I stack which I find easier for 10. My only dislike for stacking is you can't watch an interesting hand to it's conclusion. My other reason for multi tabling is that at higher stakes, $15+ my opponents will become a lot harder to beat and 10 x $3.50 games is easier than 1 x $30 game.

          imo If you have 15 buy ins at $1.50 then you should take a shot at $3.50. My reason for 15 is because of my 13 straight losses. If your ROI is higher than 14% then you can reduce the buy in number, if it is lower then you can raise it. Confidence means a lot and if you are confident then you should also take a shot.

          If you win then stay there until you start losing but if you lose then just build up the funds from $1.50 games again. When you have a decent enough bankroll then consider multi tabling, just add a table at a time. Again with multi tabling, throw in a table at a higher stakes every once in a while and then gradually move all your tables to that new level.

          I've been there and done it all before. I originally deposited $30 and lost it all playing the now defunt $5.50 STT's which I was crushing elsewhere. Only when I done a player transfer on another network did I redeposit another $30 and I've not only stayed up but created a healthy bankroll which means I won't have to worry again with sensible management. I have a far higher bankroll for the $1.50 and $3.50 STT's I'm currently playing but remember I'm 10 tabling these and will keep adding until I can handle no more. When I reach that level I'll consider moving up through the ranks and find my right level.

          Hope that helps.
          Bracelet Winner



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