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NL Open Skill league MTT. Deuce 8's. Bad luck or bad play?

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  • NL Open Skill league MTT. Deuce 8's. Bad luck or bad play?

    Pre-flop: I'm holding '88' on the Big Blind and last person to act. Everyone in front calls or folds. I see this as an opportunity to raise with my deuce 8's. MTT stage about 2500 left from 10000 entrants. I have a feeling that I may not of raised enough with my 88's. Post-flop: Hit a third 8, making three-of-a-kind. We both end up All-In. At this point, odds are 74.14% in my favour. Turn card comes, Kd, odds are now 81.71% in my favour. River comes and opponent makes his straight with the 6h. I'm not sure whether I was playing things right and just got rivershot, or should of played things differently. I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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    Hi Rezirus,

    The Open League is a special type of animal and requires you to adapt your play from a normal MTT. It is off course a league, so points accumulated per tourney are much more important than individual finishes.

    In order to achieve a consistently high finish in each tourney a lot of players will employ the tactic of burning the clock and folding all but their premium hands until they are in the top 1500 or so. Trying to play poker before that stage is just a lottery as more often than not your really monster hands will get sucked out just as happened to you here.

    To the hand itself. You have two options when the hand is limped round to you in the BB with pocket eights and a stack of nearly 4K: check (since I would be running the clock and looking to get in the top 1000 minimum this would be my preferred option) or raise. In the case of coming in for a raise I would make it much bigger than 2X, probably 4X plus to take account of the first limper and being out of position.

    You hit your set on the flop and the SB donks into you for under a third of the pot. You are now in a sticky spot, as I would be too if I had checked. One thing though is that I take meticulous notes on each player so I would have a good idea if my opponent had a part of this or was draw chasing and how likely he was to call to any action from me. I think the best play here is to shove at this point, it is very difficult to fold your set, even for league purposes.

    As you said your self the pre flop raise was a bit too small and induced calls not folds. The other problem is that the villain could have called no matter what the action and then you are just at the mercy of how the cards showdown.

    I hope that helps.




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      ***moved to tourney analysis since it's a tourney hand JWK24*** Hi Rezirus! This section is for any NLHE tournament hands and here's the way that I'd have gone about this hand. Preflop, I'm in the big blind with 88, get one limp and the SB completes. I'm going to check here for two reasons. First, that it helps to conceal the possible strength of my hand. Secondly, since this is a league game, I want to save every single chip that I can to try to get ITM and get the extra league points. The flop gives me middle set, but the board is very wet, with flush, straight and even straight flush draws possible. The SB makes a very small bet of 400 and in this situation, I definitely want to raise in order to price out any of the opp's possible draws. I want to size my raise to 3/4 pot (another reason I'd have checked preflop... keep the pot smaller to help with pricing the opp out). The turn brings the king of diamonds, which now gives a diamond draw too and the opp bets 2k, which is only a 1/2 pot bet, but basically puts me all in. I really don't like this spot, especially in a league game where it could cost me points. Since there are so many people that will bet on draws in the open league, I'm going to put my last last 2190 in and hope that I don't get outdrawn. It's unlucky to get outdrawn on the river, which is why I would want to use pot control the best that I could.. so that all the chips were not in before I saw if the river would complete any of the draws. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
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          Hi Topthecat and JWK24!

          Thanks very much for the input guys, I really appreciate it. You've both definitely helped me get a different perspective on League MTT's and other ways to tackle this situation again.

          Also, sorry I posted this in the wrong place at first, still finding my way around the forum.



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