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It happened again

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  • It happened again

    How much do you have to bet? Had a hand here a week ago, same thing, calling on draws. Should i be folding OTR?

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    Hi ulric! What type of tourney is this from? Cash, freeroll or league? Also, what reads do you have on the opps? These will be a determining factor as to how I play this one. If it's a league game, KQ is a muck for me from mid position. The key in these tournies is to last as long as possible and to not take chances. If it's a freeroll, then I'm still going to muck here, as the players behind could stay or shove with any A, suited or broadway cards and I'm behind the majority of that range. If it's a cash tourney, then it'll come down to reads on the others left to act. If they all had been playing passively, then I'd think about opening with KQ (and want to use pot control the entire hand, as anyone behind me that calls can easily have me dominated with AK or AQ). If any of them had been aggressive, I'm mucking preflop, as I don't want to play a pot out of position with an aggro opp behind me that may be ahead of me. Being in the hand, the flop gives me top pair/2nd kicker but there is a flush draw. When the opp checks to me, I will make a c-bet of 2/3 pot... to price out a possible combo draw by the opp. The turn brings a second flush draw and can complete a straight. Due to this, since the opp checked after calling my flop value bet, I'm checking behind for pot control here. The river gives me 2 pair, but also completes a flush and a straight draw.... and all of a sudden, the opp that was passive the entire hand shoves on me. More often than not, when a passive opp all of a sudden bombs the river, they've hit a monster hand (in this case the str8 or flush). Due to this, I'm mucking the river, as two pair cannot beat either a straight or flush. In almost all of the tourney situations, with it being earlier in the tourney, I'm going to muck KQo from mid position. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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