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is this a spot where i should call

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  • is this a spot where i should call

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    It would help if you provided more info. Type of tournament, stage of the tournament, etc.

    Purely based on pot odds I would say yes, you're likely ahead of the button's shove range and have a hand with a ton of equity and a nice shot at a triple up. Only a few hands have you in really bad shape (JJ-AA, AJ, AK), they're a relatively small part of the button's range, and you have blockers to JJ and KK. If he has a hand like AQ or AT you still have around 40% equity, and if he has a pair smaller than jacks or a hand like A3o you're flipping. And as I said before, you often have the best hand. So unless there is significance in not getting knocked out this hand, I think you have to call here and are making a pretty big mistake by folding and leaving yourself just 4 big blinds.
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      Hi frasierbeams,

      I also think I would need more info in this spot. I'm a little confused as to how everyone at the table seems so short stacked.

      I wouldn't be a big fan of calling here in a normal scenario of the button stealing and the SB calling allin. A calling allin hand is generally a lot stronger hand. But everyone is so short it's kinda all funky.

      I would also say don't let the hand these guys show up this time determine how you would play this spot in the future. It helps define their range in the future of course. But I think in this instance both of these hands are at the bottom of their ranges so KJs looks alot better than it really is. But hard to tell with all these wierd short stacks.

      Hope it helps

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        Hi Frasier! Knowing the type of tourney, whether or not we're ITM, reads on the opps are things that will greatly play into how to react to this type of situation. Reads, in particular, the button... like.. how often were they raising or shoving from the button or in late position? How many hands were they involved in? This is critical information, as it will help to determine how large of a range they will be playing. Without this information, I'll assume that we're already ITM and an average type of range based on position. With this being the case, I'm going to give the button a range of (any A, Kxs, pair, broadway) which is a top 30% hand. They may be tighter or looser but this should be a good estimate. I'm also going to go with the same range for the small blind. With all the chips into the pot, their range SHOULD be wider than this, but I'll go with the same range to be on the safe side. With these ranges from pokerstove, KJs has 34.38% hand equity. To call the shove, it will cost 11272 chips into a pot that will be 37934 (29.7%). Since the hand equity is larger than the pot equity, I'm calling with KJs here, especially if the button is known to be shoving a wider range (more often) or playing more hands than normal because if this is the case, it will be an even higher +EV play to call. The only way that I'd consider folding KJs here is if this is from a league game and I'm right on the bubble with plenty of shorter stacks below me that will blind out before me... so that I can get ITM and the extra points for it.. or.. if it's the bubble of a satellite and I have enough chips to get the ticket. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          sorry i forgot to put in the details . This was from a premierleague game anr we were already in the money spots , but i had just been move to this table and have never come against these 2 player before so i had absolutely no reads . Iwas thinking that if the SB folds i am calling , but when he calls all in i am not so sure , but i think i still should have called regardless .

          The really annoying thing about this hand is that 2 hands later it was folded to me on the button where i had JJ and shoved and was called by the BB with a similar stack to mine but still had me covered ; anyway he called with A5o and hit an ace on the flop .



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