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first hand - rockets - $4.40 180man

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  • first hand - rockets - $4.40 180man

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    omg really? no kidding, no exaggeration, first hand of the tournament I just can't risk my tournament life ok, i just let them bluff me and try to grind it out teachers, what am i going to do in this spot? make the call and risk my tournament life or grind it out? no idea on my opponent

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    Hey Marvin, Don't worry about your tournament life. Just try to make the most +EV decision every time. Once you 3-bet I think you just have to commit to AA heads-up (and PSR of just over 3) except on the ugliest of boards (think ). Although here this really does look like he raise/called a hand like QJ or 88 preflop, he could just as well have a weaker pair or even a bluff, after you checked back the turn, since it's unlikely you have a Q in your hand. I think it would be better for you to bet the turn, since it's unlikely you have a Q in your hand and expect to be called by any pair. If you lose just fire up another.
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      Hi Marvin! Preflop, especially early in a tourney, I'm definitely going to 3-bet with AA when someone before me makes a std raise. AA plays much better against less opps, so I don't want the players left to act to be in the hand too, if I can avoid it. The flop brings a very dry board and the opp checks to me. I will c-bet here, as I don't want to let the opp see a free card to hit 2 pair, trips, or a straight draw, without paying for it. I'd size my c-bet here at about 1/2 pot. The turn pairs the Q and the opp checks again. By betting less on the flop, I'd have a smaller pot and more chips behind, so I want to make another value bet. With two Q's on the board, there is less of a chance that the opp has one (but is still in their range), but the opp's reaction here will help tremendously with my decisions later in the hand. If the opp shoves over a value bet, then they most likely have a Q and I can get off the hand, as I'm behind. If the opp calls again, then checks on the river, I can just check the hand down, as AA definitely has showdown value. If the opp has a pocket pair, they could fold to the turn bet because AQ/KQ are definitely in my range too. I wouldn't however, check back the turn, because that leaves a bluff on the river as a play for the opp if they do not have the Q. If I was the opp and had the turn checked behind, it would be a great place for a river bluff, as their betting pattern looks like a Q. Raise pre, check/call with top pair on flop, check/raise on turn (that didn't happen due to checking behind), shove river. I'd fire a second barrel on the turn (1/2 pot), then use the info from there as to how to play the rest of the hand. That way I'm not as worried about being bluffed off the pot with the best hand. This way, by betting lower on the flop, then value betting the turn.. if I had to muck, it only costs me about an extra 275 chips... instead of having to decide to call for my stack on the river in a very sticky situation. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        thank you for the analysis Sir's

        helped a lot

        appreciate it



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