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QQ at a $1.50 SNG

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  • QQ at a $1.50 SNG

    PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 1.5 Tournament, 10/20 Blinds (9 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from MP2 (t1610) MP3 (t1594) CO (t1300) Button (t1470) SB (t1480) BB (t1500) Hero (UTG) (t1666) UTG+1 (t1380) MP1 (t1500) Hero's M: 55.53 Preflop: Hero is UTG with Q, Q Hero bets t74, 5 folds, Button calls t74, 2 folds Flop: (t178) 10, J, 4 (2 players) Hero bets t124, Button calls t124 Turn: (t426) A (2 players) Hero bets t234, Button calls t234 River: (t894) 6 (2 players) Hero checks, Button bets t520, Hero calls t520 Total pot: t1934 Results below:

    Button had Q, K (straight, Ace high). Hero mucked Q, Q (one pair, Queens). Outcome: Button won t1934[/spoiler] Villain is loose-passive. I do not think he is ever bluffing here, but I have trouble putting him on a hand. AJ? KJ? JT? Should I bet turn or river? Was the call ok?

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    Hi PMB,

    Do you have prior history with this villain? Just checking on the loose-passive read as it's level 1 of the tournament so there's not really enough history from this event to make this a solid read yet.

    At any rate, passive guys making big river bets are usually doing so for value only, and all of his value range beats 2nd pair, so this is a pretty easy fold imo. We don't have to worry about bluffs from this player type, when he bets big he's got it, likely aces up or better.

    Flop cbet is fine, turn I think it's ok to just check/fold... again this is read specific, the villain is not likely to bluff often so if we are still ahead on the turn he'll simply check along, and if he makes a solid bet we can just fold. Unless he's a calling station betting isn't really good because it's not a value bet (worse hands won't call fearing we hit AK) nor is it a bluff (better hands won't fold). We might consider betting to protect our equity in the pot as bluff prevention, but it's not necessary vs. this guy because he's not likely to bluff anyway if we check imo.

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      Thanks, Dave, that was very helpful.


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        I agree with Dave. KJ/KT is about the only hand that will give you value on the turn and that's a pretty small part of villain's range. Also, with two queens, we're not terribly worried about draws catching us as K9 and 98 only have 6 outs, and KT and KJ (pair+gutshot) only have 7. We're either way ahead or way behind, but this board doesn't allow us to get much value out of the hands we're ahead of. (that's why the ace is such a great bluffing card!)

        I prefer to bet the flop, check/fold turn, and bet/fold river. Against an aggressive, bluffy player you can check/call river, but honestly against loose/passive players, check/calling is a losing strategy since they're not aggressive and are unlikely to bluff.

        As played I think the river is just a check/fold. Although if you were deeper there is some argument to betting for thin value on the river, particularly if he's super stationy, and will pay you off with any pair.
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