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  • which do you like

    been doing a little experiment lately and would like some input
    which format do you like best.regular turbo or hyper?stt 6/9 /10 45/90 /180 more?
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    It's all personal preference and everyone can be better or worse at the different types.

    For me, I'll take a regular levels (the longer the better), the deeper the stack the better and MTT's (although I'm happy with the 27-90 man s&g's too).

    John (JWK24)

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      The faster the better. I don't really care about spending time and collecting reads. Get it over faster = more $$$/hour. I'd specialize in hypers if I were rolled for them.

      I prefer 9-man's because they're short and I can't really sit for hours on end playing poker. I get bored. I think hourly rate goes up as you add tables, but I like my games fast and short.

      For me, fullring shortstack games are better than shorthanded or deepstack play because there's less postflop play. Since the game is focused on the preflop betting round, decisions are easier, which leads to multitabling being easier, which leads to hourly rate going up.

      So, that's why my preferred game at the moment is the fullring turbo STT.


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        The turbo's have a decent enough structure that I can turn over the VPP's at a profit but the truth is I prefer a deep stack slow blind structure to any game. I rely on my notes and a HUD doesn't tell you everything. There's also less skill in a shorter game - I'm not saying there's no skill in them - but I feel my strengths are in the deepstack slow blind game. My HUD just enables me to play more tables but I still rely on my notes a lot.
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          Every time I try something different I love it then I hate it for a while then I love it then I hate it again.

          (Always been the same, food, women, now poker.....)

          I try to stick to a single format for a while but I always move on. Currently I'm on 6-max regular speed, $1.00 45 player regular speed, $1.50 HU sitngo regular speed and $1.50 Fifty50 STT also regular. So if anything I guess I am 'regular'.

          However the 'regular' (that is non-turbo) blind level increases can be quite different - anything from 6 minutes to 15 minutes or more.

          Variety is the spice of life. But it's also really bad theatrical entertainment.

          Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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            Originally posted by wetmoose 613 View Post
            been doing a little experiment lately and would like some input which format do you like best.regular turbo or hyper?stt 6/9 /10 45/90 /180 more?
            Oh, that's interesting wetmoose - you found any interesting differences about them (the play, the types of players they draw, win rates by game or hour, etc?) I was trying out a bunch of different stuff at the beginning of last month, but just wound up more confused than ever ... I was always drawn to those STT 6-max turbos because it always felt like all the silly stuff I do ... well it just wasn't so bad compared to some of the other people at the table sometimes (). But ever since I started keeping track of money and whether I was actually making any ... from that perspective, they weren't going so great for me, so ... I don't know I'm happy with where I'm at right now, at the cash tables - I've been reading up a ton, and it's been a while since I've had to play with printouts and charts and stuff of things I need to remember. It's made for some LOL moments - accidentally calling a 4-bet I meant to fold, etc. But this is an interesting thread - always cool to hear others' thoughts on all the different games, because sometimes it's fun to try new things to keep it fresh and exciting, eh? umbup:



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