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Anyway to lose less?

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  • Anyway to lose less?

    Hi this hand came up just the other night inside the money of the saturday micro, i was playing well so was really trusting my reads on my opponents. Im wondering weather i should ever be folding in this situation or is it just unluky? When my opponent open limped i was imediatly alittle suspiciouse but when i floped my set i saw no alternative than betting it. when he called i decided he probably had AK or maybe a big pocket pair or a flush draw and possible a pair of nines. Then on turn when he check raised me i removed flush draws from his range and was fairly certain he wouldnt have limped with 99 so if i was beat he had to have AA or possibly floated with 44, As u c this is where i shut down as i didnt want to grow a large pot but believe me i was so close to 4 betting but im glad i didnt . After calling turn i was going to call most river bets, not sure if i would have even folded to a shove. What i really want to know is was there neway i could have laid this down or played it better somehow? thanks in advance

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    Hey Danny,
    I would say if you want a short answer, it has to be NO.
    If It was me, I would have all my chips in the middle on the turn.

    The only time I would play passive on the turn is if there are big money jumps coming soon.

    Good Luck


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      Hi DanyBoyNZ! This is going to be a problem cooler hand in most cases, but there are some things that I'd have done slightly different. Preflop, sometimes I'll call along and see if I can see a flop for only 1BB, but I'll also raise sometimes here, as it'll help to keep the opps guessing as to what I have. The flop gives me bottom set, but there is a flush draw on the board. It's checked to me and I need to make a bet that can price out as many of the opps as possible from any draws that they might have. With 3 others, I can't price everyone out, but what I'll do is to make a pot size bet, to price out some opps and to try and get the other opps to drop. The turn brings another small card and the opp checks again. With only one opp, I now can price out any draws and I'll size my bet at 1/2 pot. The opp min check/raises me and since they're already priced out for draws, I'll just call behind for pot control and to see what happens on the river. The river 5 completes a straight if the opp has a 2, but there aren't many two's in the opp's range (A2). The opp now, after a limp, then check/call, then check/raise leads into me for 3400. I'm just going to call behind here. My hand does have equity at showdown, but there are hands that could beat me. A2 or another small set would fit the opp's betting pattern... especially 44. I'd definitely be making a note on the opp about how they play AA, for when I see them again in another tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Hey Dany,

        I think you already saved 5654 by not going all on the river. Good job already that is 28bb's.



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