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AK monocolor flop

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  • AK monocolor flop

    Can I ship it like this sometimes?

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    Hi CZDonkey! I think this one is almost the exact opposite of the hand that you were too passive on, in that this one a shove is a bit too aggressive and here's why. Preflop, I make a std raise that is called by three opps. The flop gives me TPTK, but is all hearts. The opps could be ahead of me and most likely at least someone should have a flush draw. With 3 opps in the hand, even if nobody has me crushed already with a flush, there is no way to price out ALL the opps if they all decide to call, even with a shove,... there's just too many of them. Since I can't make it a -EV play for them to stay, I want to make a small thin value bet of about 1/3 pot (130) here. This way, I don't end up value-owning myself to someone with a made flush or a set. I do want to get value from worse hands, but by shoving, I'm only going to get called by better and possibly KO myself from the tourney in the process. If anyone raises me then I'll muck since I don't have a flush draw to a heart. If anyone bets later streets, I can also get out of the pot. TPTK is a decent hand, but there are plenty of hands that can be much better at this point in time, as especially early in a tourney players will stay with any ace or any suited cards. With a very wet board (draw-heavy) if I can't price out the opponent's draws when I have a made hand, this is a time to use caution and not to shove until I'm sure that I will have the best hand after all 7 cards are shown. These types of hands are one place where the patience that a player will learn in the skill leagues will definitely come into play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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