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blind defense

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  • blind defense

    Am i playing to passive here. what should I raise for value here? and fire two barells on this board? I am allways checking and then check/calling. its weak right? how can i be more agresive here?

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    Hi CZDonkey! With this hand, while QJs does have potential, I'm playing the entire hand out of position, so I'm going to check my option preflop. The flop gives me 2nd pair, but there is a flush card and overcard out there. Here's where I'll take one shot at getting the pot (unless I improve later), as I'll make a value bet that will represent a K. To do this, I need to make a value bet that will price out the opp's draws (flush or straight, or possibly both.. but if they had both, unless it's maybe JTs, I would expect them to raise preflop). Therefore, I'll make a pot-sized bet of 125 here. I could win the pot now, but if the opp calls, then I'm probably beat and will re-evaluate after the turn. If the opp raises me, then it's an easy muck, as I know i'm most likely beat. By checking to the opp on the flop, it gives them the lead in the hand and puts me on the defensive the rest of the hand.... not knowing whether or not I may have the best hand. Check/calling every street here out of position is not a line that I want to take, as it's too passive and lets the opp control the entire hand. This is a great example of why position and also the lead in the hand is so important in a poker game. I'd take a shot at the pot on the flop (with a bet that will price out all of the opps draws), then check/fold from there if I don't improve and the opp calls the flop bet. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      A check raise is a good move to make if you feel he plays far too many pots and/ or steals to many blinds. By doing it on the flop you're keeping your risk relatively low and should take the hand down there and then. If he calls you then have a decision to keep barrelling the semi bluff or give up on the hand. That turn card would make me lead out again and represent the trips or a flush, if he calls the turn however I'd probably give up on the river.
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        Hey CZdonkey

        I agree with JWK's analysis but their is an option that I prefer which is check/folding flop.

        Villain can be betting his air but as we are out of position with middle pair marginal kicker this is a fold for me. If villain bet half pot then I may continue with the hand, but as he has bet 100 into a pot of 125 it's just not worth it.

        The call we make is likely to create an awkward spot for us too much of the time, so with only our big blind invested I opt to check/fold.
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          thanks, i am all the time in awkward spots I know I can play better poker but I dont know how. This souds wierd, but its true.
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            Hi CZDonkey! Here's a video that I think you should watch. It's from one of Dave's training sessions on position. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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