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JJ pot control ?

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  • JJ pot control ?

    what is better line? pot control or bet/bet/bet line

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    Hi CZDonkey! I'm going to use both some value betting along with some pot control here. Preflop with JJ, I'm going to make a std raise (3BB+1BB for each limper), so I'll raise to 80. Making standard raises helps to keep the opp guessing at my hand and doesn't turn my cards face up... like a very large or small bet would. The flop brings 3 undercards that are coordinated for a possible straight or flush draw. The opp now makes a very small lead bet of 80 chips into a pot of 440 (18% which would price in any flush draw with overcards). Due to this, I absolutely want to raise the flop and I'll size my raise at basically a pot size raise, to 500. To call, the opp will need to put 420 into a pot that will be 1360 (30.8%). Even if the opp has a flush and 2 overs, they have 15 outs or 30%... so this raise prices them out. By only raising to 260, the opp only has to call another 180 into a pot of 880 (20.5%), which can price IN their draws... something that I do not want to do. The opp calls the flop raise and the turn brings a 7, which would complete one of the possible straight draws. The opp checks and this is where I'll use the pot control portion and check behind. The river brings the K of clubs, that is an overcard and can complete the flush. Most of the time, if the opp has hit the K or the flush, especially with me checking behind on the turn, they will bet the river to try and get value for their now made hand (they could very easily think that I'll check behind again and they will lose the value of their hand). However, the opp checks again. This is where a read on my opponent comes into play. How have they reacted in the past to river bets. If the opp is passive and espeically if they're just likely to call my bet, then I'm going to make a thin value bet here of about 1/3 pot. I could be beat, but since they didn't lead and would be likely to call, I can get further value from the hand. If the opp is very aggressive, then I'd be more opt to check behind. I would not want to have the opp come over the top of me and potentially bluff me off of the best hand by shoving and representing the flush. The line that I'll take in this situation is a std raise preflop, raise to price out the draws on the flop, check for pot control on the turn, then my river play will be read dependant of more likely a thin value bet, but possibly a check behind. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      thanks. you always help I must do something about counting equity in post flop game. I just use 4/2 rule and rest is just about feeling for me



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