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18 man SnG

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  • 18 man SnG

    I've been playing $1.50 9 man SnGs for quite some time now and feel pretty confident playing them and using my strategy quite well to consistently cash in them.
    I want to now try the 18 man SnGs and was wondering if there are any major differences in strategys that should be used or is there really no differences between these and the 9 mans?

    Anyone have any advice in moving from 9 to 18 man SnGs?

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    i tried this and a big thing is for the extra 9 players added there is only one extra place payed. So tight at start is even more important, yet finding steal spots important too.

    Taking notes here will help which may be why i never made the transition successfully.

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      Yeah the paying of only one extra spot has put me off trying them in the past.
      I tried one yesterday and made sure I had both tables open so I could see what was happening at the other table.


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        People seem to be far far looser than 1 table SnGs.
        Calling raises constantly with total trash and hitting, no matter how big a raise you make it.

        Had 5 callers to my 5xbb UTG raise yesterday with AA and the button reraising me.
        So I moved all in preflop and everyone folded except the idiot with 32. No need to guess who won that one
        This about the 5th or 6th hand of level one.

        Not managed to cash in the 3 or 4 I've played so far.


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          I'm personally shooting for the 18 mans turbo's myself, although the $3.50 seem easier than the $ 1.50's. The reason is that they seem looser, the idea is first to get near the bubble then leverage my skill (which i feel is good enough to beat 3.5 and 1.5 on a regular basis) to get 'in the money. Why play the 18's then? because the extra level of payouts gives me a 'free' shot some extra dollars (2nd in 18= 1st in 9) and also has the bonus of bringing in some extra leader board points (which makes making the top 100 a bit easier) when i do get top prize (61 for 1st versus 46 for 2nd in 18 vs 45 for 1st in 9)


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            Originally posted by jysteruk View Post
            People seem to be far far looser than 1 table SnGs.
            Calling raises constantly with total trash and hitting, no matter how big a raise you make it.
            This mirrors my experience, there's always an idiot who'll call everything and gets lucky. Might have more luck in the $7 games but you have to appreciate you'd need a much bigger bankroll and would be up against more experienced players. I risked a few $15 18 player games and did well, but I can't afford to lose many games at that buy-in.

            In fact for all SNG I find the $1-3.50 games unplayable because of the autocallers but I'm not really experienced enough to play higher stakes. A decent solution would be somewhere in the middle, say $5 games in between $3.50 and $7?


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              I'm doing ok at the $1.50 STT sngs.
              Think I've increased my bankroll by about $70 in the last few weeks to about $250.
              Will move upto the $3.50 when I get to $300.
              I do have money to play at the higher levels and could quite easily afford to play at the $5 level but just do not want to put it into poker.
              Would rather pratice the art of good bankroll managment and work my way up.

              Am currently trying the knockout STT which is packed with manaics trying to knock each other out which suits my game at the $1.50 level.



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