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Why should I play my A game?

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  • Why should I play my A game?

    I know it looks like a stupid question as we all know why we should but for the pass month that is exactly what I am doing and I am getting nowhere. Oh I get into the money for the tournament but at the low end and no further. I keep running into any 2 card players and eventually I am taking out by the river after making them commit all their chips with a weak hand.

    I know this happens and will happen again but for the pass month it's happening all the time even with my best game as they just suck out on me. It is getting frustrating and I don't know what to do as sometimes quitting is the only option I see but I like poker and I don't want to. I have nobody to talk to except for my dog that looks at me wondering what I am talking about.

    Sorry about this but like I said I have nobody to talk to so I am trying to get my frustration out because it is killing me right now. tks for listening guys.

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    been there done that,

    That said it bites i get that. so lets look at the two options

    1. Play A game
    2. Don't

    1 short term you may get beat but with good Bankroll management to can take these knocks and absorb them. long term you will have a long term

    2. short term you might donk up - long term well you get to redeposit.

    Most of us have gone through what you have and it bites. When i did it felt worse because i was NOT applying good bank roll management. Now that i am i can aborb these runs when the donkeys seem to always hit. And btter my wife is not moan that i seem to deposit every week.

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      hi m8t welcome to the forum, There are many helpful people on here and you have come to the right place.
      Do not worry what you post just post no matter how silly or irrelevant the question may seem,
      Through out the answers you get you will soon put the pieces together to the poker jigsaw.
      Its a mind boggling game that is truly hard to understand.
      I understand your frustrations,and how this effects a player i know more than most,
      Keep your a-game and one day it will pay off, however if your a-game for example is less skill than the next player then you will lose.
      people playing weaker hands at times are sometimes not what they seem, they are playing a calculated gamble, maybe a bluff for example that they just got lucky on.
      Watch the videos on here m8t they helped me loads, check my latest stats and this is down to this forum and asking away about everything.
      hope this helps m8t good luck
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        Hello SkelDarkday!

        Welcome back to Poker School On Line!!! (Skel is an old Schooler's pso'er!).

        Make sure to check out the blogs section, the HA forums, and all the neat training videos you can find thru the links at the top of the page. There are a LOT of changes to the place since you last saw it, and I think you might like 'em!

        But to reply to this post...

        Your answer is summed up here:

        Essentially speaking, the ONLY advantage you can have over opponents is an ability to make better decisions. If you do not seek to do the best you can in that direction, you will end up allowing yourself to be placed at the mercy of fate.

        If you WANT to jsut play to get lucky, that is your choice, but chances are good you will wind up losing even more in the long run than you seem to be losing now, trying your best.

        Think of yourself in a casino playing Roulette...

        While you can NEVER have an advantage over the house, so in the end, as long as you keep playing you WILL lose all your money.

        Still, some people try to minimize the SPEED of their loss, in hopes that at least for as long as they play, they stay lucky enough to break even, or even make a profit. That is GAMBLING...

        When you play poker, if you have a skill advantage over your opponents because you make better DECISIONS, you can actually have a positive expectation of profit when you sit at the table against those opponents. This is true ONLY as long as you try your best to make the best decisions you can though...

        If you do not seek to play your best at all times, and if you allow yourself to fall to the mercy of chance, you might get lucky for a while (just like that roulette player), but eventually luck will turn and you will lose....then what will you do?

        Lose more...that's what.

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          Tks guys. I came here for support and you gave that support tks a lot. It hurt sometimes down in your gut and talking helps so tks again guys.


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            I'm having the exact same problem with my game at the moment, I play tournaments between $1 and $11 and rarely have really deep runs. I cash and then get sucked out on almost 90% of the time going into last 50/100 players. The only thing that you can do is keep playing your A game, do some more studying on the game maybe for late stage play of tournaments but don't change the way your playing unless you feel like your not playing well, don't change your play because your getting unlucky. In the short term people are going to suck out on you but in the long term they can't keep doing this and better players will always make more money in the long term.



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