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weekly rnd 2

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  • weekly rnd 2

    this is early on and i dont have reads on any specific player,but a generalisation on what to expect in a freeroll
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    i know i had no business being in this hand but it has been said some of the most profitable hands are the ones we shouldnt be in to begin with

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    Hi milehigh! I agree with your assessment that this should be a muck preflop. From UTG, I'm either raising or folding. Even if I play a suited connector or 1-gap, I'm raising with it. With this being a freeroll, there will normally be multiple opps in a pot and 35s does not play very well at all OOP in a multiway pot. I don't agree with the other statement, as getting into hands that I shouldn't be in... while every so often I may hit one... in the long run it's a chip leak. The flop gives two pair, but also has a flush draw. With two opps in the pot, I want to make a value bet that also prices out any of the opponents draws and due to this, I'll size my bet between 2/3 and 3/4 pot (depending on whether or not I think the opp could have a combo draw, flush plus straight or flush plus overs that could be good). In this case, with the opps raising or calling a raise, I'm not going to put them on 24h, so I'll bet 1050. With only one opp calling, the turn brings a K that does not complete the flush. I want to value bet again, but with only one opp, I only need to bet 1/2 pot to price out a flush draw, so I'll bet 1975. I could bet more, but want to use some pot control, just incase the opp hits a draw, has a higher two pair or has a small set. The river is a card that I do not want to see, as it completes the flush. If I had bet less earlier, I wouldn't be forced to go all-in with what very well may not be the best hand (a flush is a large part of the opp's range here), so I'd make a thin value bet of about 1/4 pot. If the opp shoves over me, then I have to re-evaluate, but I don't want to be all-in without knowing I'm ahead. I'm going to muck this preflop, but if I'm in the hand, with the flush draw out there and especially in a freeroll where players will stay with any 2 suited cards, I'm going to use pot control here because I'll lose with bottom 2 pair more than I'll win. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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