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50c 90man turbo, neat the bubble. bad play or just unlucky?

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  • 50c 90man turbo, neat the bubble. bad play or just unlucky?

    Hi This is my first post here fro review so appoligies if its not up to scratch. This was my 1st hand at this table after being moved and so had no information on any of the players. My question would be, is should i of raised higher or was my raise right. Thanx for your time Rikki

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    Hi eastley1989, Welcome To PSO. Personally in this spot I would have preferred a shove 'all-in' preflop while short-stacked with a Category 1 hand like you have here. I'd be doing this with a stack of 15 big blinds or less usually. In your position here you have approx 6 bigs left and a very strong starting hand. By min-raising you allowed the villain to see the flop relatively cheaply as he only had to call one more big blind to see it. Had you shoved all-in preflop the villian would have probably mucked his hand and you would have taken the blinds and antes. Just my initial thought on it, some of the more experienced hand analysers will give you a better analysis as soon as they see it. Again, it's great to see you here and keep posting! Raiser umbup:


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      HI RoyalRaiser

      Thanx for your your post and its a privilage to have someone with ur reputation review/comment on my hand.

      I did think this at the time, however my thinking was that I wanted to get a call with the intention of shoving on the flop and getting more value for my hand. As this turns out it didnt happen how i planned. In similar spots in the future I will be taking the 'all-in' approch as this slow play cost me money as I busted out on the bubble

      Thanx again


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        Hi Rikki! Welcome to the forum! I agree with Raiser here and I'm going to shove KK in this situation. Normally where I try to open-shove is 10BB or less. In this situation, I have just under 8BB, so I'm looking for a situation to be able to shove first and KK is a hand that definitely qualifies to shove with. If everyone folds to my shove, I add an extra 28.5% to my stack without a fight. If someone calls, then they have to pay the maximum to see if they hit a part of the board. What I would do if I had a larger stack here is to make a standard raise (which for me at this level is to 2.5BB). By keeping my raises standard, it keeps the opps guessing as to the cards that I have, as I'll make the same raise with AA, AK, JTs, 44, or even a total bluff with 27. The opps won't get a tell on what my hand is due to my bet size. One tell that a number of players do is to min-raise with AA or KK (especially in a live game) and when playing online, bet sizes are the largest tells that a player can have. I avoid doing this, as it basically turns my cards face up when I'd make a play like this. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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