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Micro Millions $2+R

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  • Micro Millions $2+R

    Another deep run in a tournament to be busted with AA, this player was new on the table only 3 hands. Could I have folded on the turn when he raised me, after having more than 1/2 my chips in and only 12 BB left ? Maybe cheq-fold on the turn ? Besides sets i dont see any other hand that would have me beat, and i thought there where many hands (88,99,TT, 78s, 67s, even some combos of KQJ of hearts and he floated flop) I would have beat that I made the call. We where 174 players left of 5K+, but the money was not starting to get interesting (200+) untill the final table. And having 12 BB compared to 50+ BB, was a big difference in having a shot at the final table. Thanks

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    Hi AJEI,

    Congrats on the deep run.

    I think with only 30BBs, it's always going to be hard to get away from AA vs a set.

    The limp call preflop obviously puts lots of small pocket pairs in their range. 22-88 i would guess. probably not so much 99 & TT these might get a raise. Also a few suited connectors also but a read on the players tightness would help alot here. A tight player has alot more pairs in their range than suited connectors. Looser players or serial limpers obviously have alot more suited connectors and broadways in their range.

    Flop bet is good still lots of value to be had.
    On the turn 44 now beats us also. Again I think a bet is fine, but I think the bet here commits us. Once we make this bet as sickening as the turn shove is we have to call. (They also have alot of 55 & 66 in the range of the villan).

    I don't like a check fold line on the turn because checking after our Cbet on the rag flop looks so weak, it gives our opponent a perfect oppurtunity to bluff us, which we'd have to call really.

    If we check call the turn then we probably end up check calling allin on the river anyway.

    I think if you'd need a really good read that the tight passive player is only limping pockets and never bluffing us. I think the only way to get out of this hand would be to bet smaller on the turn. Something under half pot. Gives us more room to fold to a shove from a passive player and gives us more value in allowing more weaker hands to call. Even then I think we end up allin most of the time

    Just unlucky. Nice run though

    Quad Bracelet Winner



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