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1.10 4k, analysis please

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  • 1.10 4k, analysis please

    Sorry for lack of reads was not at this table very long but it was playing kind of snug otherwise i would probably have mucked KQ form this position if it was going crazy. Couldn't put him on a set i just thought on a board like that a set was raising the flop pretty huge.
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    Hi darkmajik! From mid position earlier in a tourney, I'm going to muck KQo. I'd be much more tempted to play it if I was in late position (so I could be in position in the hand). If I was to play it, I will make a std open raise (I normally use 2.5BB here, but there is nothing wrong with 2.2BB). The flop gives me the 2nd nut flush draw and TP second kicker. I would c-bet here size my bet at about 1/2 pot (my normal c-bet size). When the opp calls this, I would range them on either having hit a part of the board, big heart or a pocket pair. I would not expect a set to be raising the flop here, as the bet that was made, DID price out a flush draw. Due to this, the opp didn't have to raise to price out the draw. Since I raised pre and c-bet the flop, I'm going to check the turn for pot control. The opp could have the A of hearts or AQ and I want to see the last card to see if I improve. If the opp made any reasonable bet here, I'm calling to see the river. The river is a good, but possibly scary card too. Yes, I hit the flush, but it's the 2nd nut flush, not the nuts, plus the board paired. I'm going to make a thin value bet here of about 25% of the pot. I want to see the opp call it and hope they don't push, as i'm going to have to call it.... even though I may be beat. Tough spot out of position, which is why I don't normally play KQ from mid position earlier in a tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks for your input John always great to read your opinions, generally i fold here to I had just been tweaking a few things in my game to 'lag' it up a touch, the table had been tight in the 15 hands or so I had been at it and just felt it was a spot to try opening the hand, taught me a lesson to let this hand go in this position and this is almost a 100% fold here for me here as i tend to play towards the nitty side of TAG early in MTT'S. I definitely think i overplayed the strength of the hand and your comment of checking the turn was probably the best line on the turn, I had planned on only getting 2 streets of value and checking the river but with the heart on the end i decided I was calling any bet when i checked so why not just put him all in but I suppose that takes away all his bluffs at the pot, not many worse hands are calling that bet on the turn looking at it now and I had a gut feeling this guy probably had AQ with the A of hearts but fooled myself into putting him on QJ or something hopefully with a worse heart. Thank you again John.
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