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    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    i played this really badly on so many levels,im preetty comfortable calling utg's shove,after call right behind him,still not to concerned,but when first caller checks the flop i gave him to much credit expecting a check raise,i know survival is key but on review of the hand i feel a bet here would have pushed him out,instead of giving me a tough decision on the river when he shoves,as this pot would lift me to 20th position and most likely get me a itm/more points finish,instead it cost me a third of my stack,in a normal tourney id probably have pushed for sure after he checked the flop and put the pressure on him,but cos its the league i was prepared to check it down,any thoughts would be appreciated thnx

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    Hi Milehigh0874 Well first things first... you know that you played this hand badly which is a good thing We only have 8 bb's so when we decide to call the 3bb shove we are leaving ourselves with only 5bb's! The best thing to do here is get it all in preflop. With 8bb's im not prepared to fold JJ under any circumstances. As played id like to see you shove the flop. With one overcard on the board this is an ok flop for our hand. By shoving the flop we fold out hands that could possibly draw out on us. GL at the tables umbup:


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      Hi milehigh! How close to getting ITM were you? For a league game, priority 1 is to get ITM and get the extra league points... chip stack when you get ITM is almost irrelevant as these are totally different animals than a regular MTT. The goal is to get ITM with any stack (regardless of how big or small it is), then after that, play poker to try for a final table run. If it's right near the bubble and I can get ITM with the remaining chips from just calling pre, then I don't mind just calling and checking the flop/turn. However, I'm going to call the small bet on the river. I do not want to risk losing the extra league points with a hand that I do not know is absolutely the best hand of the three. If I don't have enough chips to get ITM already, then if I'm playing the hand, I'm shoving JJ preflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        re post

        in this instance we are top 25% so are positive points (around 80ish from 300) money starts at 45th,tho the money is irrelevant i think , better points would be easily achieved.this is my first month of prem league and started badly with 8-9 negative point scores but,i managed a turn around after settling in, including a final table (5th) heres hoping for more and to stay in prem
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