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Live Tournament 25K Prize Pool

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  • Live Tournament 25K Prize Pool

    19 players left, we are in the money, getting about the buy-in back, 10th gets about twice the buy-in, and 1st is around $7,500

    Blinds are 5k/10k, there are no antes in the tournament.

    My table was 7 handed when this hand came up:

    Villain 1 (hijack) - 400K+ Semi-Tight passive player
    Villain 2 (cut-off) - 600K+ This player was kind of loose and aggresived, bluffed a lot
    Me (sb) - 300K

    Villain 1 raises to 35k, Villain 2 calls I look at AcJc, have to call 30k and the pot allready has 85k, i called, bb folded.

    Flop comes J72 all hearts, it went cheq, cheq, cheq. Pot=115k

    Turn 7c, I bet a little less than 1/2 the pot, 55k, both villains called. Pot=280k

    River 4s, a total blank, i chequed planning to call a reasonable bet thinking one of them could try to bluff a missed flush. Villain 1 bets 80k and villain 2 folds, Pot=360k I have to call 80k and I did.

    Villain had QdQh

    -I wonder if I should have just folded pre-flop ? Played the flop-turn different ? Folded on the river ?


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    AJ suited is a nice hand, but I personally don't like playing it against more than one opponent.

    First question: was the 3.5x raise normal for this opponent? If it's bigger than usual, you might consider mucking. If it's his normal opening raise, I'd probably put in a raise to about 100k to figure out if he's trying to steal the blinds. If he calls, we get to see a flop and if I don't hit I can always fold there. If he shoves, I'm gona right there.

    With this flop, you're pretty happy with top/top, except for the pesky hearts. Bound to lose money there I think.
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      Hi AJEI! I think you played this one ok, but there is one thing that I'd have looked at on the flop and one thing for the turn.... but either way, it's a tough spot. Depending on my reads of the opps and how often they'd raise me, I'd have sized my bet either smaller (making a 1/4-1/3 pot thin value bet) or larger (2/3 pot so that I can price out either opp drawing at a single heart). If I planned on check/calling the river, I'd opt for the thin value bet. If I planned on leading the river, I'd opt for the larger bet. If I was raised on the turn, I'd most likely muck. However, if I was a bad short-stack compared to the opps and was not even close to getting into the top 10 with 30BB, then I'd be more likely to shove the flop with TPTK since the larger pay jump seems to be to get into the top 10 (only 1BI difference between 19th and 10th). Congrats on the cash and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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