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Was i right to try get it in here?

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  • Was i right to try get it in here?

    Only info was i seen him enter 3/20 hands and he went to the river on 2 of them showing down AJs and AQo. Should i of maybe checked back the river? The only holdings in his range beating me on the flop are QQ and KK and if he has them why check the turn on such a dangerous board? Thanks in advance Ceril
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    Hi ceril! With flopping bottom set on a very wet board, I need to be sure to size my bet to be able to price out a draw for the opp. I'd have raised it about the size of the pot, to 400. The opp calls, the turn is a blank and the opp that has been aggressive in the hand so far checks to me. I want to make another bet that will price out the draws, so I'll make a pot-sized bet again. The river is an overcard that can complete one of the OESD's that was available on the flop. The opp checks to me again. Here is where a read on the opp would be very helpful and also the type of tourney. I have a hand that does have showdown value, but with the straight draw hitting the river, I'm not sure whether or not I've got the best hand. If this is a league game, I'm checking down this river 100% of the time, as I don't want to risk my tourney life when I don't know that I've got the best hand. If this is a cash tourney, then I may make a thin value bet or check. If the opp has been playing passively, then I'd opt for the thin value bet. If the opp was playing aggressive, I'd opt for checking it down (as I wouldn't want the opp to come over the top of me). I also wouldn't just range what the opp would be ahead of me on the flop, but what would the opp call my bets with (and JTs is well within their range, as many players will always chase an OESD). I may check the river or may thin value bet it and that will depend on the type of tourney and my read on the opp. I wouldn't want to shove the river here as I'm not sure I'm ahead in the hand or not. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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