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JJ Early Pos. Early in 3.30 Hot Turbo

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  • JJ Early Pos. Early in 3.30 Hot Turbo

    Hi, just wondering how I played this hand? Should I have raised more than the standard 3x from early position with JJ when considering the size of everyones stack and the tiny blinds? Would this discourage the villains RR? Also following his preflop rr i certainly did not have him on the hand he held, and felt strong all through the hand. Look forward to your replies, Drevil1412

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    Hi DrEvil! Preflop, I would make the same standard raise. When varying from a std raise, a player will develop a bet tell, so that the opps will know when I would have a premium hand and I do not want to do that. Raising more here is most likely not going to affect the opp's 3-bet at all. On the flop, I have an overpair, but there is a flush draw possible and I have 2 opps in the pot. I'm going to lead here and the sizing of my bet needs to price out a flush draw for both opps, if they both decide to stay. To do this, I'm going to bet between 2/3 and 3/4 pot, so I'll bet 400. The turn is a non-club. I will lead here again, and since only one opp is left, to price out the flush draw, I'll bet about 1/2 pot (625). The opp now shoves. With the line that the opp has taken so far, I'd be ranging them with a pocket pair (possibly a set), 10x, 2 pair or a draw. With JJ, I'm ahead of all of that range except 2 pair, an overpair or a set. With this being a turbo, I need to be accumulating chips quickly, so I'm going to call the opps shove here. There are hands that I could be behind, but since I don't have as much time to wait for a better situation, I'm going ot call here (making the larger bets to price out the flush draw helps make this an easier call too). When the opp shows what they have, I would be immediately making a note on them that they will raise with any 2 suited cards and chase hitting any part of the board. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks JWK24

      Taken note that my bets on the flop and turn were slightly below where they should have been. After the raise preflop and the call on the turn i had him on AK or A10 something like that, i certainly did not believe he held an over pocket pair. I did make a note on him exactly as you say and hope to meet him again! I'm sure over time I would come off best. Nice to know you would have called the All-in. I felt it was a move from the Villain that he did not want called.



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