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  • Misplay?

    History: MicroMillions tournament down to ~33% of players. The table has been fairly active and I've played fairly tight. As a result, I'm down to ~20BBs. Both the player to my right and left are callers and I have good reads on them post-flop. I've 3-bet them on 2 other occasions and they've called with marginal holdings. I've won every hand I've gone to showdown with and haven't bluffed yet. Here is the hand: Should I have played this differently? If so, how? Thanks in advance
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    Hi Jcrondps,

    With an 18 bb stack and 2 loose limpers already crawling in for 500 I think I would just shove preflop. You know you're ahead of their limping ranges and it sounds like you may get called by worse hands too... if they fold it's a great result and if they'll call off light that's fine too.

    Making it 5x is less attractive to me because it leaves us with 13bb's behind and we'll be out of position vs. any callers.... and you've noted these guys are callers. When we don't hit the flop any c-bet commits us so we are setting ourselves up to be in a lot of gross post flop spots, all of which is avoided with a preflop shove that has to be +EV against the villains as described on our stack size with ATs.

    As played, I consider the nut flush draw a hit and am shoving first to act for sure just like you did. We have fold equity for sure against their weaker hands, and we have an overcard + flush draw outs if we run into a king. My live training class tonight was on semi-bluffing, this flop could have been a sample hand for the class as a standard spot for it.
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      Thanks for the quick reply. I came to the same conclusion after the hand (I should have shoved pre). I think the result would have been the same in this case. It's possible the BB would have folded but the button was calling no matter what. He ended up calling and tabling A,8. Unfortunately, I didn't hit any of my outs.

      Thanks again
      Last edited by Jcrondps; Fri Mar 16, 2012, 07:34 AM.
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