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Micromillions 5.5$

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  • Micromillions 5.5$

    Very early in the info at all. Was that the correct play?..Please comment on bet sizing and what should be the correct thought process after the flop reraise?
    Last edited by nee0903; Thu Mar 15, 2012, 08:15 PM.

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    like the raise size pre flop.

    With the flop reraise i put him on hitting the Ten- and would probabaly flat here to see how much he likes his hand on turn.

    Have to say was expecting AT when he put it all in or TT. guessing he doesn't know a raise in early postion is strong, i would guess if you asked him he is putting you on AK and after flop pricing you out of your flush draw.

    Grade b

    good luck in the rest of the tourny
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      Originally posted by nee0903 View Post
      Very early in the info at all. Was that the correct play?..Please comment on bet sizing and what should be the correct thought process after the flop reraise?
      Pre-flop 4x raise I like. I'm trying to get into a pattern of 4x'ing from the 1st 3 positions and 3'xing after myself. Raising from first 3 seats you should be playing stronger hands and want to hold down the calls with marginal holdings so the extra bb is a good strategy IMO. Off the flop,with 3 under cards but a flush draw I really like the near pot sized bet here. When the villain comes over top NOW we have to ask ourselves what he could be raising with that he also would have called our 4x raise pre with. 1010? Hmm,very doubtful. To call a 4x bet pre in position with 1010 would be very weak. He should be raising you instead. A10? Well suited would be fine I think. Unsuited would be a loose call IMO,remember he's calling a 4x raise for UTG here. A lesser Broadway 10? Suited or not that's just not a good call for these small blinds IMO. You flop big it's likely to be so obvious that you won't get paid. Most likely you'll whiff and just burned 4bb that could be put to better use later. You flop in between and you're in a sticky spot,exactly what we do not want. 77 or 22? This would be what I would most fear. A set mine that connected. With no reads on the player I tend to give them credit for the worst case scenario hand against my holdings early on in tournaments (to better stay out of deep trouble when,again,the blinds aren't worth it...) IF it makes sense for them to have what I'm putting them on. And 22 or 77 makes a lot of sense here,1010 doesn't,as just flatting with 10's in position pre would be so weak. A semi-bluff with the nut flush draw? That could be the case,as hands like Ax suited are in his range here,especially if it's Ace/broadway suited. So that's my question to myself---is it a 10 with a good to top kicker? Or is it a set? Or possibly the semi-bluff? This early in a tournament I probably fold to his raise of my 200 bet post flop. Especially with no reads since a fold here does no real damage to my stack.Yes I'm folding to a very narrow range that I've put him on,but it's very possible that he has the set as the 22 or 77 call pre is very much in his range. When you decide to re-raise you're pretty much committing yourself to putting all your chips in the middle right here.Once he re-pops your re-raise of him you simply have to go as your image is completely shot if you fold at that point. So I'm good with the call here. Cannot believe he turned over K10o,may as well take a match to his money playing like that. Does he really think K10o plays well against the range of a 4x UTG raise? And once you re-pop his re-raise off the flop how can he POSSIBLY think he's ahead? Sticky spot for you to have to make the call to lay it down or be prepared to have all your chips in the middle when you're faced with his re-raise off your post flop bet. Don't think there's really a "right or wrong" answer here with no reads myself. I can make a case for and against either action. Everything else in this hand I'm 100% on board with your play. Helps that the opp was simply putrid every step of the way. umbup:
      Last edited by Moxie Pip; Fri Mar 16, 2012, 12:31 AM.


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        Hi nee,

        I don't like the play tbh. We are 250bb's deep, I am just not playing a 500bb pot in a single raised preflop pot without a strong read, and we have no reads here. Luckily for us the villain made a terrible play, but i'd like to know he's capable of punting a 250bb stack this light before I actually oblige him with JJ. I think in the long run in a single raised pot we should be playing a small or medium sized pot only, so I'm probably trying to control the size of the pot more. I get the 4x concept but it's hard to control the pot when we bloat it preflop so much and are out of position, so I'd be ok with the smaller raise size too.

        At any rate Moxie's reads about the villains range are good (except that personally I would be flatting you in position with TT on this depth of money rather than 3-betting and bloating the pot up plus setting myself up for a possible 4b that I don't want to face).

        Once you 3b the flop, any decent player is folding out worse hands and only getting it in with better. Luckily the guy spewed really hard, but without reads I'm generally trying to avoid this spot.

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