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KQs looks pretty but is it good enough

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  • KQs looks pretty but is it good enough

    Still the big 4.40 15 mins till registration closes but for now we have 3270 in 990 get paid and i'm in 652 (but want to gain 651 places. So tempted to call but should i ? Grade b
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    If this guy is good, then it's absolutely a call. He should be shoving wide enough that you can be ahead here. If he's a weaker player, then he's probably shoving somewhat nitty, because weak players tend to shove too tight when they're on a short stack, especially when antes are in play. I'd begrudgingly fold this without reads, because your average player is going to be weak.

    FYI, I think a good shove range from his spot would be something like:

    22+ A2s+ A7o+ K7s+ KJo+ Q8s+ QJo J8s+ JTo T8s+ 98s 87s

    But a less experienced player would see their stack a little over 10bb and probably shove something like:

    77+ AJ+

    You're 50% against one, and 37% against the other. You need 40% equity to call. One is a snap-call, the other an easy fold. To handle spots like this, just guess what their range is and figure out your equity. These situations are actually pretty simple. Just take your best guess and see what happens. You'll make better guesses with practice.


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      Hi Grade b! KQ for me is one of those hands that I like to shove with, but don't like calling shoves with (unless it's an extremely short stacked opp and it won't do any damage to my stack). Hands have to be better to call with, than to shove with. Another reason I'm folding here is that the opp is not under 10BB yet. With more than 10BB, the opp should be shoving a much tighter range and with all the big aces that are within their range, I'm going to be behind with KQs. Due to this and having a very playable stack, I'll muck KQs here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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