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Floped Trips how worried about the flush should i be?

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  • Floped Trips how worried about the flush should i be?

    Reads I have none first time i've come across 3rocco3 Anyway was very happy to pick up KK early. Any thoughts welcome. Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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    Hi Grade B

    Given that this is a heads up pot and the odds of flopping a flush are approximately 118-1 im not ever worried that we have been outflopped.

    With top set on this board we can go ahead and try to extract max value. If the villain flopped a flush then good for him he takes our chips, unless we fill up.

    Thanks and GL!


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      Hi Grade b! I agree with ChewMe1. I'm not worried about the opp flopping a flush. Even if they did, I still have 7 outs on the turn to improve and 10 on the river to improve. What I do want to do in this situation is to size my value bet to price out a flush draw, or combo draw. To do this, I'll size my bet between 3/4 and the size of the pot. I'll also make the same size bet on the turn, as long as one of those outs did not hit. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        ty guys,

        this was exactly how I played it so of course he had the Nut flush and i didn't fill up.
        At the time i was just thinking NH and moved on but then this morning i was double guessing the way i had played it.

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          hey Gradeb,

          I will not be worried about the flush either. I might bet full pot on the turn and shove it at the river and hopefully he doesn't have a flush and if he does time to register another game.


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            Hey grade I have a little different line here and although I agree i'm not scared of him having the flush here, you do need to worry about it. This is why I would not price someone out to draw a diamond. Everyone is so focused on the flush that they forget that str8 is possible too. It hits his range perfectly.
            I like the pre bet but the flop is too big as you are building a pot that you will price yourself into dumping your stack. Make the bet 1/2 pot because he is calling anyway if he has these draws and god forbid he has *****d already ( which even though the odds are against it it is still a possibility )
            This makes your turn bet smaller as well and means you don't have to lose your stack if he hits.
            We are supposed to bet for value but not price ourselves in to commit our stack. We want them chasing.

            LOL that they blocked the word N U T T ED

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              ty Chris Under other circumstances I would bet 45% of the flop hoping to incite him alone. In this case I wanted to him to go away or to pay dearly to draw to beat me.

              Grade b
              I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

              13 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Grade I understand that but think about that for one minute. If he is coming along anyway because he has already hit gin or has a huge amount of outs then why are you inflating the pot? To go busto?
                I agree it is very difficult to fold trips but we are all about asking the questions! If you ask the right questions and disregard the response then why ask the question?
                With such a wet board it is very likely we are ahead but he has an enormous amount of outs and so I am choosing to control the pot so I can get away if need be! If another diamond comes on the turn does it matter whether I bet 1/2 pot on flop or pot or any other amount? Is this villain going away whether I bet xx chips or xx chips? We can't really answer that fully unless we have history with him/her which it seems we clearly don't.
                So the final question is ..... is it more profitable for me to build the pot and price myself in to shipping my stack with a set of K's or is it more profitable to bet 2 streets and check it down on the river. If he has missed by the river completely and we are ahead what value can we extract from betting?
                If we bet 2 streets and he bets the river he is either doing it as a total bluff or because we are beat. By controlling the pot we can make a very strong laydown.

                I'm not saying I can lay this down grade but I am simply presenting a different point of view.



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