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$1.5 9man 4handed calling a shove

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  • $1.5 9man 4handed calling a shove

    PokerStars NLHE Tournament, ($1.32+$0.18), t100/t200 blinds, 4 handed, 50%/30%/20% payouts
    Hand exported from the SitNGo Wizard. How to import this hand into the SitNGo Wizard.
    {Tournament|PokerStars|1.32|0.18|100|200|0|NLHE Full Table}
    CO: t2274 11 BBs{Player|CO|2274|Fold|0}
    BTN: t1853 9.3 BBs{Player|BTN|1853|Push|1853|Average|38}
    SB: t4920 25 BBs{Player|SB|4920|Fold|0}
    Hero: t4453 22 BBs{Player|Hero|4453|As|Qh}

    Preflop: Hero is BB with A:spade:Q:heart:
    1 fold, BTN pushes t1853 (20+), 1 fold, Hero?

    Opponent calling ranges when hero pushes:

    Villain is 23/18 on 116 hands (overall; not for 4handed)

    Should I really be calling here? I didn't want to call and get a suckout or be up against pocket pair. even though he is short he is pretty tight so i really don't know.

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    Hi puchium. This is typically a calling spot, but I'd like to know why you think the BU is tight. From what I see in your post, the BU is actually quite loose. 23/18 might be reasonable stats if you've spent a lot of time with this guy in late game stages, but they're not tight stats by far for STT players. If you've observed something that made you think otherwise, it might change your action here.

    The key points that make this a call are these:

    1) It's the short stack shoving. If it were the SB shoving, you should be folding everything except KK+, and maybe QQ, because if you call with AK, you're probably only 66% to win, which means you basically have a 33% chance of giving the short stacks an easy walk into the money.

    2) The short stack has less than half your stack. You can be even more liberal with your calls in this kind of scenario, because you won't be crippled by a loss.

    3) The villain should be pushing any ace from his position, and probably wider. His stats make me think he might be pushing even wider than a recommended range, so AQo is definitely good enough to call.

    Since you're 4-handed, you do need to call short stack shoves with some hands, otherwise even your big stack will be blinded away. It's great that you're using SNG Wiz BTW. Hope this helps!


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      Instant call from me as well.

      You have dominating chips and have a top 10% hand. You can take the hit but more importantly have the chips to dominate and win the tournament if you succeed.

      Massive +ev in this call.
      Bracelet Winner


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        really appreciate your feedback everyone! I didn't see the guy pushing to the SB even though he is the big stack, don't really know, maybe was waiting for some cards b/c he is probably getting called often I guess, this was the first shove I saw from this guy I believe, he wasn't shoving from his sb, don't know if that anything to do with the big stack but since he dind't and then shoving from the BTN i found it a little weird idk, so my guess was either a pair which would be a flip I guess or AK which would've sucked. but i really didn't take into consideration that if I call and lose I wouldn't have been that crippled so I could've probably called but idk. maybe he was getting card dead and didn't want to risk getting called from the SB b/c of the big stack maybe? and just got it in there with 55+/AT+? or even as 22+ ? I doubt he shoved there with an Ax given that he was not shoving up until that point. dunno x.x thanks for the replies!


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          Originally posted by Ovalman View Post
          Massive +ev in this call.
          It's closer than it looks, actually. If the guy isn't shoving Ax, then this is a borderline call imo.


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            i think its a +EV call if your villain has a clue, since he should be shoving wider than 55+A10+ four handed w/ 9 bigs by quite a margin when folded to him. and should be trying to leverage his fold equity b4 its too late to have much. that is only about 9.5%
            May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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              No more folding AQ vs the short stack. It's gambling time for a chance to take the game down. If you lose your still alive and if you win you got better chances to win it all the way. So calling is your best option.


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                Puchium if you go to an ICM ( independant chip model ) calculator you will see the following which actually fits right into his range.

                BU 20.7%, 22+ A2s+ A9o+ K9s+ KTo+ Q9s+ QJo J9s+ T9s
                SB 8.9%, 66+ ATs+ ATo+
                BB 1.8%, JJ+
                BB 10.1%, 44+ A9s+ ATo+

                Since your opponent is 23/16 he is very likely to be shoving the 20.7% range above so you should be calling with any 44+, a9s+ and Ato+ as these will all be positive EV moves aaginst him/her.
                We are here so take educated bets based on what we know of our opponents.
                One factor that may help in the future decision spots too is to look up their stats on a tracking site. If they are winning players its likely they know ICM and what they should be shoving. If they are losing players all the more reason to get it in.

                In summary we cannot bust by making this call and have plenty of +EV to make this call against this particular opponent.



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