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from $80 to $727, just two weeks (HU)

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  • from $80 to $727, just two weeks (HU)

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to share whats going on with my play lately and get some opinions. First of all, i was loosing a lot! i was focused playing cash games 25nl, following by bankroll management, at the beginning everything was ok, but after a couple of weeks variance started hitting me super hard. Eventually i had to stop and do something else just to get my mind of the big downswing i was experiencing, so i started to play MTT, SNT, again loosing a lot. I was kind of frustated and decided to have some fun playing just Heads Up SNG, immediately i noticed that i liked the game a lot.

    By the moment i only had 80 bucks, i didn't want to deposit more. So i said, let me take a shot and only focus on HU SNG (turbo), playing $3.50, 4 players. You have to beat two players and you win full prize-pool, its very good, you are basically beating 3 players, just playing with two...i've been playing no more than 2 tables.

    The first week from tuesday to sunday i was able to grind it to $400, started this week at $7 grind it to $727, i think i can finnish sunday with $800 to start playing $15 next week... Im using a 50 buy-in bankroll rule. I know is a lot but i feel better sticking to this safer bankroll management.

    I already know that as you move up the game start to get tougher and ROI should drop, but that's ok.

    Now i already know that anybody can have a heater but I'm feeling pretty confident playing HU and its been enough games since i started to measure a bit if its been luck or not...

    I've never played HU before and i wanted to know, its that normal to go so fast? it's practically moving up levels weekly...i would've never dreamed of grinding like that playing cash, would take me months with just 80 the game really like that?

    I'm including a graph from SharkScope. Between 500 - 600 games was when i started the HU....if you notice i've been able to get all my money back, again just within two weeks.

    Let me know your opinions please.


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    Nice man,Heads up is for sure the best. I havent tried those team ones though.

    As for the variance it can swing extreme both ways and it is common,but good bankroll management should control your swings a little. Still what you got going is impressive.


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      Hi John! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link to help get you familiar with everything available at PSO. Way to hang in there and turn the graph around. Good job.umbup: Be sure to take a look at the video section, as there are HU videos from Andre (HoRRoR77) and also look into the live training sessions, as he normally does a HU session on Sundays. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        I had been a little bit slow at HU lately, i was focused on MTT....but decided to play 100% HU again... Here is an update, currently playing $15

        I think by the end of the month ill start taking shots at $30

        GL at the tables guys!
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          Very impressive stuff, you are racing up throuh the stakes. Also what speed games are you playing? If it is normal speed you are getting over the high rake very well, and if they are hyper you are overcoming the variance very well... Great stuff just keep doing what you are doing!


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            thanks a lot!
            I am playing Heads Up Turbo....i find the normal speed too slow, and i haven't tried the hyper but seems little crazy for my style.


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              Originally posted by Johnspasm View Post
              I had been a little bit slow at HU lately, i was focused on MTT....but decided to play 100% HU again... Here is an update, currently playing $15 I think by the end of the month ill start taking shots at $30 GL at the tables guys!
              hey man, it's really awesome how good u are playing. Personaly I'd say that u're going up the stakes too fast. But hey, if u fell confident in your game and the graphs doesn't show otherwise, keep it going umbup:



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