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Please help put my head right

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  • Please help put my head right

    Recently I decided to play a mtt at the last minute and admittedly my focus wasn't as honed in as i would've liked it to be.Hasn't been for some time now.
    I would like though and appreciate some feedback and/or advice on this two hands i played.The latter resulting in my early disdainful exit.

    Hand # 1 :

    ** I did use up a fair chunk of my time clock weighing up the hypotheticals for each all in shoves.

    Hand # 2:

    Thanks much.

    P.S. I don't think my attempt to attach the video replay will work out at all.If that be the case so be it.My apologies for wasting time.
    P.P.S. I think i managed to finally upload the vid replays.
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    Post the hand histories how you get them from stars if you want,I prefer reading them that way.
    I know some people frown on it,but it allows you to go back with out clicking buttons for each street.

    Your attempt to put videos up didnt take,but dont let that stop you.


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      Appreciate your thoughts.


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        Hand 1:
        Setmining is usually saved for later positions for me,but the biggest issue is the open limp.
        It will cost you chips more often than not for a few reasons. One people in late position will raise you to steal your chips because only weak hands open limp. Two it encourages the rest of the table to limp along and you are in trouble when the whole table sees the flop. The other aspect is people see you open limp as low pairs or suited connectors and will just fold when you bet.

        Once you see the flop you are should only be worried about TT,JJ,a straight draw or flush draw.
        WHen the table goes allin like this it usually means you can mark one or two on a draw and the other one on AT,AJ or TJ type of hands. Due to the amount in the pot I never fold here.
        They hit their draws thats poker. TT and JJ are unlikely people tend to raise preflop stronger with these mid pairs due to not wanting to see a Ace or King on the flop.


        No issue with your preflop.

        Flop: Once he raises to 800 you can just put him allin,he isnt folding most of the time after putting that amount in. You dont want to call in these spots because the board is so draw heavy you really dont know where you are at once a Jack,King,nine or even another ten show up. Get it in ahead and you will have plugged a good leak.

        So dont open limp and get it in when your ahead and the villian is showing that he will call a allin.


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          Try and hold off the set mining underthegun(UTG) and Early postion,the next 2 seat positions.
          You will find these spots unprofitable to setmine from for the most part.


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            i would say that set mining in a 1 dollar tournament is very profitable from any position as u invested 40 chips and when u hit ur set u will often b able to get payed off for awhole stak if sumone hit top pair good kiker or two pair.
            I really dont like the fold in the first hand for the same reason as i just mentioned players will go allin with top pair, two pair, over pairs and possibly even open ended straight draws with over cards to the board so i think you should have called and if sumone had a higher set well too bad thats just unluky.
            if the board had come more like 469 i would be more worried about another set as they are likly to limp with 66 and possibly 99 but 1010 or jj would probably have announced strength preflop.

            The second hane was just unluky, there is an argument for saying you should have reraised on the flop againts so many players and a dangerpuse board interms of draws, however u still would have lost so i think this have was just unluky and plaed itself.

            i hope this helps goodluck in future


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              Hiya scooby!

              First off, welcome (again) to PSO! We have a new thread to welcome new members, and you can find it here. I hope it helps, and if you need any help with the hand replayer, here are the instructions, a step-by-step guide to using it, and a Live Training video explaining how it works. You can also use something like this to make the hand history prettier. It gets easier once you get the hang of it; post the data however you prefer.

              Personally, in the first hand, I'm never folding. If I had reads on multiple villains that said that they would never do this without something super-strong, then I would seriously consider it. Against random players on a wet board, there is just too much that's weaker that can be getting it in here, and you may be looking at an easy triple-up at least. Also, I do like the setmine preflop, although in an MTT you can afford to be more aggressive and raise preflop. I don't think there's a ton wrong with limping, raising, or folding preflop in that spot.

              In the second hand, I like folding preflop. AQ isn't a strong hand when facing a 3bet, so I typically let it go. What I do in that spot both preflop and postflop is pretty villain-dependent, though, so if you could give us some reads on the guy, it would help.

              Thanks for posting! In future, you can post these in separate threads, though. It helps the discussion when we're not bouncing back and forth between hands. It also keeps my posts from being massive walls of text.


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                Hi scoobyroos! In the first hand, I normally try to not open-limp. I will limp behind other players, but when I open, I try to always make a standard raise. This helps to keep the opps guessing as to what I'm holding, as I'll make the same bet with any cards. On the flop, I get bottom set on a board with both straight and flush draws. When the BB makes a min bet, I'm absolutely raising here and my normal raise would be about the size of the pot. Three opps then shove over me. This puts enough chip into the pot to price me in. Even if one of the opps hits their draw (to the straight or a flush), I still have many outs to a full house or better (7 on the turn and 10 on the river). To call, I need to put 2870 into a pot that will be 11370 (25.2%). Each of my outs has a 2% chance of hitting, so I have 34% hand equity for my draws.... and more if the opps don't hit their draws and I currently have the best hand. The hand equity number (34% or more) is higher than the pot equity (25.2%), so due to this, I'm calling their all-in's here. In the second hand, I would make a std raise on the button with AQ (to 3BB or 150) and due to the SB calling, then the BB making a 3-bet to 350, I'm calling this raise too. If I was out of position with AQo here, I'd muck to the 3-bet, but with it being a small 3-bet and that I get to play the hand in postion, I'll call. The flop gives me trip Q with an A kicker. When the SB checks and the BB leads out for 800 (almost 1/2 thier stack), I'm going to raise here. My raise here will normally be between a pot size raise and 3X their bet. This would be almost, if not all of my chips, so due to this, I'm shoving the flop. I want to try to isolate the BB and to not allow either opp to see another card without paying the maximum possible to see it, as I would think that I'm ahead in the hand at this point in time. By calling the 800, the hand is much tougher to play, as there are a number of cards that can complete a straight for either opp. When not only 1, but 2 of those cards hit, most likely someone has a straight and has me beat. By shoving the flop, the opp that catches the straight on the river at least has a chance to fold and trying to get them to fold on the flop (before they see that they have a made hand), it's the only way that I can win the hand, with the way that the board runs out. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

                6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                  Hi Scooby,

                  My (amateur) thoughts are as follows:

                  44 is hard to play UTG, so I guess you were limping and were prepared to fold to a raise. Problem is that unless there are multiple callers, you will struggle to call a squeeze play and often end up folding to a C-bet on the flop.

                  As it happened, you flopped a set on a draw heavy board. I think 44 is an easy call against the first two opponents as they would have probably raised against the limpers pre-flop with JJ/10 10. The big stack on your RHS could have these type of hands as he could have tried set mining against all the limpers rather than raising and playing the pot out of position.

                  Second hand, AQ is a good hand, especially when folded to the button. I don't mind the flat call as it is possible the BB has put you on a wider range, although he is raising against you and the SB. On the flop, the BB villain leads for 800, which is half his stack, so he is likely to move all-in anyway. I would have shoved over the top there to make sure the SB folds and get heads up against the BB. As it turns out, he would've spiked a boat on the river, but I think that in the long term, folding out the SB is the best play.

                  Hope that helped,




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