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Situation: top pairs against flush draws

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  • Situation: top pairs against flush draws

    Hi guys! This is a really common situation in poker when you have a over pair or floped a top/top, but there's a flush draw on your face. I'm considering only 1 opponent of course ( Heads-up ). My question is how we should deal with these situations considering the following mix of situations: -When you're in position, and when you're OOP - When you have an Overpair, and when you have a top/top -When one of the cards of your hand is of the suit of the flush-draw, and when none of them are Running the statistics on poker stove into a situation that happened to me, i got a flip coin percentage. I wanted to discuss in a more general thread, but the situation that happened to me was that I re-raised KdKs on late position and the original raiser fold but the first caller called. The flop came 7s 9c 5s and the opponent bet 100 into a 650 pot. I thought that here I should raise to at least 1/2 of the pot to make his draw not profitable on the long run. But I wanted your feedback guys. Thank you umbup:

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    Hi fp,

    It's really a more complex situation than that... and a key ingredient that you didn't list is depth of money. Always be in tune with the stack sizes involved because that can change drastically the way we should play hands. Another key ingredient is villain type. Some people play their draws very aggressively, some play them passively. Our image can also play into that. And board texture for sure plays into it. Often the flush draw is not a large part of the villains range, but only a small part combinatorically. So it's critical that we are NOT making decisions with our overpair vs. a flush draw (that is a big mistake) but rather our overpair vs. their range of hands (which may include draws, worse made hands, sets, etc).

    In a very general sense, if you are willing to play for stacks (if it will be profitable, which it is more and more so as the money gets shallow) then you should bet or raise. If the money is too deep to play these spots profitably for stacks then take a more pot controlling line.

    In the hand you posted we honestly can't even give you good feedback because you don't include reads or the critical stack sizes. If the effective stack is 1K, just shove over his donk bet imo. If it's 15K, maybe raise smaller or call to pot control depending on villain reads. If it's 100K, I like raising again. But remember, we're up against a range of hands that includes some combos of draws, not up against a draw.

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      Hey Langolier!

      Yeah, I get it. We have to deal with other variables as well, and with his range rather then a specifc hand. I guess I'll have to work more on hand reading lol.



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