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A 10 suited on Big Blind! Did I play it wrong?

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  • A 10 suited on Big Blind! Did I play it wrong?


    Well, I have been playing lots of MTT S&G tourney (micro buy-in) and to me I am doing good, as I cashed almost everytime and was in the final table like for 15-16 times. Placed 3rd thrice and placed at least 7th every time I am in the final table. But never won it or placed 2nd. Won 10-12 Heads up matches, but didn't like it that much and also won couple of Freerolls. Then I figured, may be I am good in MTT S&G tourneys, so I am continuing playing MTT S&G's only.

    Anyways. I was in a MTT S&G and was in the money, having stack of 22K+. The blinds were1K/2K ante 200. I was in the BB and had Ac Tc. UTG and UTG+1 folded, UTG+2 limped in - he was the chip leader having stack of 59K. Everyone folded, but me. Now, I figured my hand was good and my stack is decent, so I decided to re-raise all in and stay happy with the blind steal, hoping he might folded. But he called with Qd8d. I was happy to see his cards. But, oh dear, he had runner-runner straight to 9 on the river. I was really pissed. Was he right to make the call as he was the chip leader? My all in was his almost 36% of his stack or my all in decision was wrong. Even if I checked the BB, I would have missed the flop and he would have a gutshot straight draw and again if I raised on the flop then he was obviously re-raising me or may be not.

    Whats your thought? Any help!?

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    Hi Don,

    For future reference it helps if you can post the hand history of the hand into the replayer, in case we can pickup on any table dynamics that you may not have mentioned.

    Here's a link on how to use it.

    In terms of your hand it just sounds like a bad beat. When someone is limping into your BB they are generally pretty weak and ATs plays very well when you do get a loose call from him. More often the big stack will be folding Q8s to a 11BB shove and you'll pick up a nice pot with little risk.

    So well played. Just unlucky. Once your luck turns and you win a few of these spots, you will get your top spot finished.


    Quad Bracelet Winner



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