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Very thin or value owning myself?

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  • Very thin or value owning myself?

    Ok, another one in yet another 9man. Table's been doing a lot of limping and calling, not much aggressive action. So with my A8 off, even UTG, I'll make raise. They're likely to call with all kinds of rags, and if the flop sucks I can muck it. I get 3 callers, not much of a surprise. The flop comes 4,8,5 rainbow, which is great. Top pair, top kicker, and I seriously doubt either of them has a 2 pair hand or a set. Of course the pocket ducks or fours is an option, but still. A c-bet is in order I think. I get 1 caller. Turns is a five, pairing the board. The opp's flat call behind on the flop makes me think he missed the flop. So by now, I'm think Ahigh or Khigh. Another bet it is. Now the guy minraises me half his stack. The minraise looks weak. What I've seen from this guy, not much, but it doesn't indicate much. It's more likely simply clicking the button I think than an intentional betsize. So the options are shove or fold. I can't call here. Given my read he doesn't have the 5, I tend to go for the shove. questions: Given my thought on the table preflop, is opening with A8 too loose, or is it a fine play as long as you can get away from it? Looking back, I'm not so sure I like the betsizing on the turn. It's almost a third of my stack, and what if he calls again. I'll shove. What if he shoves the turn? Good question. My read says I have him beat. Still, I think it's a bit tricky. Given my read that I think he doesn't hold the 5, would you make the same bet here, or just shove the turn from the get go? What about the minraise on the turn - shove or fold? ---------------------------------------------------------- keping track of my poker semi-career:
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    Hi Ov3rsight! Early in a tourney, I don't normally play marginal hands, especially out of position, so I'm going to muck A8o from UTG everytime. Especially at a table where players will play Ax, they could easily have me outkicked or hit 2 pair. If I was in the hand, flopping TPTK, I will definitely follow up my preflop raise with a c-bet. The opp calling my flop bet could be a float with AK, AQ, but could also be a flush draw or a mid pkt pair that could have me beat, so I'm going to proceed with caution for the rest of the hand, especially out of position. The turn pairs the 5, which should only help a hand like A5, 56s, 45s, or 55. Since I don't know if I'm ahead in the hand or not, I'm going to check here for pot control. Yes, the opp could hit the river, but I may be beat already too. If I did make a bet here, I'd try a smaller bet, more as a blocking bet.... and fold to any raise from the opp. In this situation, I'm mucking A8o from UTG, early in a tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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