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PSQ - AA holding hero reraise with all in preflop

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  • PSQ - AA holding hero reraise with all in preflop

    Poker School Qualifier (1,1 buy-in, after the bubble)

    [replay hand_id=223617 type=small title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_475x327.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=B2A57AA8E1]

    Chip leader. Always call when first in. Always calls raises when in blinds. Sometimes folds shoves when out of position, but will always call shoves in position (he has made a lot of chips doing so). Always calls or raises if he has already called or raised. That was my read at least.

    I figured he knew I usually shove and sometimes try to steal blinds. Hence raise instead of shove. He might fold to an immediate all in.

    I shove after re-raise as I figure he will generally call and will never fold pairs or Ax. So he potentially might fold hands most likely to beat me. I can live with him folding those.

    This is not a "poor me bad beat" post. I know AAs can lose quite regularly.

    I am primarily interested in feedback on my read and thought process. Is there a method to my madness at all?

    Secondarily - have I done the post right? This is my first hand in here.

    And then of course - how would you have played it?

    Cheers, Jergul

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    Hi Jergul, I think u have played it pretty well..I liked the min raise..any open raise more than that would look too strong because u had around 12 BB..the bigblind min reraises ..and according to your reads he defends his blind always and never folds ..So u did the right thing and got ur money in with the Goods..
    Hope you run good next time with the AA..
    Good luck..
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      jergul i think you played that great. The min raise looked like a steel and i would of fell for it and jammed preflop as the villain keep playing like that and a danger player you will become if not all ready


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        Hi jergul!

        I don't agree with the others, as I do NOT like the min raise here. When opening a pot, I always make a standard raise and I do this to conceal my hand, as I'll make the same raise with AA, 88, 22, AK, JTs, or even if I want to bluff with 27 off. This way the opp will always be guessing as to what I have. At this level, my std raise is to 2.5BB, so I'd raise to 1250.

        Min open raises is a big online tell that a good number of players make. They'll only do this with AA or KK and when they do this, they basically flip their cards face up..... which is not what I want to do as a player, as I always want the opps guessing as to what I'm holding.

        When the opp raises, I absolutely like the shove with AA. I know I'm ahead in the hand and getting my chips in good is all that I can do... in any hand. Unfortunately, the opp hit one of their 12%, as the opp has a 12% of winning the hand.

        Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thank you all for the feedback!

          hehe, my standard raise under these conditions is to shove (3BBs would be 1/4 of stack making pot more than 50% of stack if called, so am committed to the hand in any event). I have a feeling that would be the right move - it would not change the chances of being called I think - the only thing my min raise was doing was giving a shot at villain reraising with nothing in the hopes I would fold in a raise-reraise-fold cycle.

          I think I primarily was motivated to not look like a complete donk by shoving AA preflop. There are secondary justifications I suppose. But those are only justifications for warning the opposition I had something if he was listening (I would simply not try to steal blind with less than a shove under these conditions).

          I was lucky he was not listening. Lucky in a long term profit sense.

          (am watching the langoleer live session on commitment right now - very interesting stuff almost digestible at my level).
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