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How would you play your AQ?

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  • How would you play your AQ?

    9man SnG, $1.50 buyin, table's been on the tight side of things. AQ is a nice hand to have in the BB then. When the CO bets, I'm raising him. Guy comes off as a pretty decent player, definitely able to fold medium hands. Then the button raises. Not too sure now. If I call, the CO can ship it and then what. If I 4-bet, it's pretty much gonna be for my whole stack and do I wanna do that with AQ off? The the 4-bet SB ships it. Ugh. Now what? Pretty sure the AQ isn't gonna do it, and flatting isn't an option with 2 people to act behind me. Guess the CO and button weren't as strong as they claimed, both folding to the shove. Would it have been better here to shove the AQ? ----------------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career: Would you have
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    I think what u did was the correct play..against 3 players showing aggression a fold was the best option here..mainly because the small blind would have otherwise folded to a 3bet with a 10bb range hand...looks like the cutoff was trying to steal taking advantage of the tight table..and the button was trying not to let the cutoff take away his button..but this cant be thought in advance no matter i would say Good Fold there in my opinion..


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      Hi Ov3rsight.

      In my opinion this is a clear all in or fold spot, and I'd lean HEAVILY toward the fold.

      The SB started with only 1050 in chips, so him jamming over a 3bet to 450 is almost never a weak hand unless he is a pretty clueless maniac; that jam should elicit a crying call from the BTN at least, and the SB should know this. (the BTN folded for 600 more in an 1800!)

      If you read the SB as the type to jam a marginal hand here simply because he is short, you CAN consider trying to squeeze out the min raiser and the 3bettor. Each of these players has you covered though, so if you are wrong and get called by one of them your SNG "life" is at risk; with a raise and a 3bet still to act behind you, 26BB may be too much to punt on the hope you get them to fold and find a race vs the shortie.

      You nicely out lined the reasons you cannot call...

      In an SNG, a min cash represents a pretty good part of the prize pool, unlike a min cash in an MTT. As such, you should be much less willing to court a bust out (or a crippling move) to build a big stack short of ITM to "run deep". AQo here strikes me as WAY too much risk to be a good shove hand in hopes you squeeze out the raiser and 3bettor, and then bust the shortie; even if you do squeeze out the CO and BTN, you are still risking 1k of a 2600 stack. the SB has to know he is getting called here most of the time, so AQo really shrinks up in value versus his range.


      If you lose to the SB, you become one of the short stacks.

      So I really like a fold here.

      Hope it helps.

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