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  • pocket aces

    The aces haven't been good to me. One 9 man SnG, I've had pocket aces 4 times. The first time I doubled up on a guy who flops topm pair, the second time I get a walk, the 3rd time I get the short stack to put in his whole 10 chip stack, and the 4thy time I'm done. Question is, did I screw this up myself? The whole table had been playing like total nits ever since we got down to 6 handed play. So when the button opens for a 3x raise I expect him to have something playable. Not wanting to lose him with a big raise, I decided to make a minraise and get the stacks in on the flop. The flop comes QJx, and a Q or J is certainly in his range. I check, hoping to induce a bet so I can shove. I suppose I could have shoved myself here though. He bets, I shove, he calls and flips over the 2 pairs. Now I certainly didn't put him on a holding as weak as QJ suited the way he was playing. Just chalk one up for bad luck, or another one for the bad play pile? ----------------------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    Hey that was bad luck for sure.But why let him see a flop so cheap? Ideally u should have shoved preflop because u had only 20BB and in most of the cases 20bb stack reraise is a shove.Even if u wud have raised big u were comitting urself so a shove preflop was the best play here in my opinion.Also a min reraise is suspicious so if the villain misses its difficult to get any more chips from him.
    Hard Luck..
    Better luck next time with the Aces..


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      Hi Ov3rsight.

      I gotta say, I hate the min raise in this spot.

      You state the min raise was due to the fact you did not want to "lose him to a big raise", but on 20BB effective stacks here, your min raise looks very suspicious. Think about it a moment...

      What hands would you put 25% of your stack in on, then FOLD?

      As such, I think if I was worried about raising to price someone out, I would prefer to FLAT the raise to under-rep my AA. The stack to pot ratio set up by a flat would still be low enough for you to stand on an over pair, so getting your chips in on the flop or turn should not be impossible for you.

      To be honest though, I really do not want to run the risk of trading strong equity of AA pre flop for what may be a lot worse equity on the flop. I would probably RAISE here, and move all in.

      An all in here will possibly get you the "mistake call" you want for max value, as it could appear you are attempting to jam a BTN raiser. Afterall, a pick of just the blinds and his raise amount would mean about 20% added to your stack, and to me that looks a lot "bluffier" than your min raise.

      I can easily see a hand like QJs thinking you are on a small or medium pp and accepting what he thinks is a "race", whereas your min raise is possibly going to wake him up to the fact you are on a monster if/when you lead the flop.

      As played getting all in on this flop is fine with AA; he may call with AQ or KK, and with a tight table those hands are in his raise range and 3bet call range probably. But he may also call here with QQ/JJ, or QJ, and those hands have you in really bad shape. I just think your min raise makes it a lot less likely that he'd lead on a weak kicker/top pair hand.

      To my way of thinking, if the opp was tight and you credit him with raising a value hand when he raises the BTN, then the stacks were fine for you to move in immediately and ensure he makes a "mistake" if he calls.

      Hope it helps.

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        Thought so. Been in a few situations the past few days where I played aces a bit too tricky and get my ass kicked for it. Shoulda seen the AA lose to the 5,3 off

        The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
        Keep up to date: @Ov3rsight



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