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9-man STT in cutoff with 55

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  • 9-man STT in cutoff with 55

    Hi, I wanted some feedback to this hand. After I played it I thought that folding here maybe wasn't the best play. Since limping here is out of question (at least I think so) I'll give my insight from the remaining plays I could've done: Raising: I could raise 2.5x here, but it would be 500 and since this is pretty much 1/3 of my stack, I'd be pot commited here, so I was never folding doesn't matter what flop comes. Shoving: I could shove here, some how it would be more difficult fore them to put me on a range since the Button was so short this would sound like a blind stealing. So I think I'd be called by some of the blinds, and I think their range would be 45% of the hands. Putting the numbers on Poker Stove, this would be a flip coin, and since I'd have some fold equity this play have a +EV. So in my opinion I should have shoved, but I wanted to know your opinion guys. ########################################## 6 players [SB] LaBrayonne (1030) [BB] Viola10 (4660) [1] Ratazzana (2870) [2] jbthesource (4480) [3] fp_boss77 (1740) [But] titanuk (220) fp_boss77 Initial Pot: 300 Ratazzana folds jbthesource folds fp_boss77 folds titanuk folds LaBrayonne folds Viola10 hide cards Viola10 wins 300 from the main pot ########################################## Thanks umbup:

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    Hey fp_boss77.

    From the looks of things, you start the hand with about 9 big blinds, and with six players left, I think that's generally going to be a good spot to shove a pocket pair. I ususally go with the rule that if you're on the button with 10 big blinds, you can shove any pocket pair. Here, you're one seat earlier, but you're slightly shorter and your pair is actually decently strong. Also, since the button is shorter than you, that makes it even easier to shove, because one of the people who can call you won't do much damage to your stack if they win.

    The formatting you've used for this hand history doesn't include some info that might help with the analysis (like the blind level). It'd help if you export your hands from the PokerStars client and covert them in a way that provides all the data. You might know this already, but you can go under Options > Instant Hand History Options in the PS lobby to get them saved to a folder on your computer, and then you can convert them here or here to make them a bit prettier.

    Hope some of that helps!
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      Hi fp_boss77, I would have done the same in this spot.If the SB and the BB have played tight(and also if ur image is tight) ..shoving will make more sense here..But i guess some expert opinion is needed on this hand on when would this be a fold..


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        HI fp_boss77! In a STT, the top 3 get ITM, so I need to get to a top 3 chip position in order to cash. If I'm not in a top 3 chip position, then when I get to a 10BB stack or under, I'm looking for a spot to shove.. preferably in position. In this situation, I would open-shove. I agree with your statement that it will be harder for them to range me and since I'm a short-stack, I'm happy with taking a race in this situation, as I'm looking to accumulate chips. If I had over 10BB, then I'd make a std raise here, but with under 10BB, I'm going to shove. Shoving here also maximizes the fold equity that my stack has, as the opps would be less willing to call it and possibly end their tourney or to make their stack go out of a top 3 position by losing the hand to me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Hey guys. Sorry for the poor format of the hand, but I was on a kinda of a rush while reviewing my game at the Universal Replayer and just exported it to post here. The blinds were actually 100/200. but overall I think that any pocket pair should be profitable to shove here, especially with the help of the fold equity that I still had.

          But in case I only raise here. From the Live training that TheLangolier made, he said that after you invest 10% of your stack on the pot, it only takes just 2 more pot size bets for you to be with all your chips in, so you must have a commitment plan. I still have a question here, cuz if I raise and he calls, I should never fold at this point right guys ? Especially because the raise would be almost 1/3 of my stack.
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