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Was this just bad play?

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  • Was this just bad play?

    It's folded to me in the SB, and I figure my K6 is ahead of any random hand. So I raise into the BB who started the hand with just over 10 BBs. I expected him to fold, he'd been folding a lot, but when he reshoves, I call. I figure I'm likely behind here, but probably with two live cards. * is K6 good enough for that train of thought, or is the 6 not good enough? * following the "I'll call if he shoves", I assume it would have been better to shove myself and give him the chance to fold again? * Is the basic idea correct for bubble play? After all, this was over 1/3 of my stack. Granted, I only dropped from 2nd to 3rd, but I'm getting rather close to a 10BB stack if I lose here. --------------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    Originally posted by Ov3rsight View Post
    * following the "I'll call if he shoves", I assume it would have been better to shove myself

    Generally, if you don't want to see a showdown, shove so that the villain cannot reshove, even if you're willing to call a reshove. This maximizes your fold equity, which is especially important on the bubble.

    People tend to expand their all-in ranges when they have the right stack size to rejam. As an example, if this guy's regular all-in range in this spot is A6+, then he'll call with A6 and fold A5. But if you make it smaller, he'll think that he has fold equity, and he'll widen his range to A2. If you're on the bottom end of your range, you don't want these hands to rejam you. If you're on the bubble, you do not want these hands to rejam you. If you have the top end of your range and aren't the shorter of the two stacks on the bubble, then perhaps you do want these hands to rejam you. Since the stacks are fine for it in this scenario though, just jam it pre imo.


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      Hi Ov3rsight! I agree with your one thought and Panicky. If I'm going to call a shove, then I want to shove first. If I make a standard raise here, I would want a read on the opp where a std raise will get about the same fold % as a shove. If this was the case (which most likely isn't short-handed), then I would be prepared to fold to a shove, as K6 does not play that well against even a top 20% hand (a large -EV play with 50% invested into the pot). This is not going to be a play that I would use very often at all. I think that the better play here is to either shove or fold preflop. In most cases here, I'm going to muck the K6 and give the opp my 75 chip SB. This way, I can protect my 2nd in chips and I'll look for a better situation where I'm in position or have a better hand. For bubble play, I do want to try and take advantage of the opps, but I want to be doing it with a playable hand that will be a favorite if I get called, especially since I would think that I currently had enough chips to get ITM. I wouldn't want to risk my chip position on a hand that I knew I was a 2-1 underdog where I had 50% invested into the pot. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Hi Ov3rsight..If the opponent is a tight passive player i would definitely wont give him a walk for sure and folding preflop wont be an option there..Being a tight passive player he is very less likely to shove a weak hand..So if the opponent shoves to ur raise i would most of the times fold here and look for some better spots...



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