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chasing them off or good move?

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  • chasing them off or good move?

    Hand #28 of a 9man $1.50 SnG. People have been playing pretty limpy, I've been a nit, this being the 5th hand I played. A raise on the flop would have to be for about half his remaining stack, so I felt better to shove. Or should I have gone for half his stack and hope he shoves? I felt he pretty much has to have some medium pair or an ace there. ---------------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    Played just fine. You're shoving for value against Ax, and you're pricing out draws. Given the texture of the board, and especially because you're three-way, I think it's important to get all-in now. By getting the action over with on the flop, you provide the least amount of info for them to base their decisions on, so QQ might actually call thinking you might be on a spade draw, or something like that.

    As to whether or not raising smaller would be good, I say it's fine so long as you make it big enough to be at least half of the guy's remaining stack. I think it's effectively the same as a shove (so long as you're never folding), but an almost all-in raise might get weak players to call where they might fold to a full all-in. You can play around with raise sizes like that if you think they might be more profitable.


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      Hi Ov3rsight! Preflop, I like the standard raise and would do the same thing. The flop gives top pair, but also has a spade flush draw. The BB now decides to lead into me for 150 into a pot that will be 775 if I call (19%). If I call this, I'm basically pricing in the spade draw, so, with having a made hand I'm going to raise to price out the draw. My standard raise would be between a pot size raise and to 3X their bet, in most cases. This is over 1/2 their stack, so they should be pot committed if they're going to call (but they may or may not realize this). I also have to remember that there is a third opp currently in the pot with position on me and a shove makes it harder for them to call, as they most likely would be in a 3-way pot, not just against me. I like the shove here, as I have a chance to pick up the pot without letting someone draw at me, plus it is a much larger deterrant for the opp in position, as they'll have to call thinking they will be in a 3-way pot (which will lower their hand's equity% most likely by a large number). If I was in a heads-up pot, I may consider making the smaller raise, but with the opp behind me in position, I like shoving as it will most likely avoid me being in a 3-way pot. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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