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Shoving (overbet) semi-bluff

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  • Shoving (overbet) semi-bluff

    This is a 6 max super turbo, with two payouts (65%; 35%). These games are usually fast and furious, and last around 30 minutes at most. Only 9 hands of info on villain, but he’s played 8 of them. Two of the hands he raised in late position, once 4X over 1 limper, another 5X (AA). With the AA, he c-bet 5X (< ½ pot) IP HU, and called a 16X AI check/raise (flop was K65 two spades); he took down the pot. Two of the hands he stabbed at the pot (1/2 pot bet), once IP and once OOP. Two of the hands he folded to aggression on the flop. One hand he folded to aggression PF. I opened the hand with a suited connector (best to play aggressive in these games); my PFR was called by two players. The flop was ideal for c-betting, plus it hit my hand hard. I c-bet to take down the pot, but if I get called, the pot would be set-up nice for a possible semi-bluff. When the turn gives me additional outs, I shoved, overbetting the pot. I felt this should get rid of weak one pair hands, as well as draws (fold equity). If I get called, I should have a lot of outs (hand equity). Click the right button on the replayer to update 'turn' bet status: Do you feel this is the right line to take in this type of game? Should this hand have been played any different? .
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    Hi Spadez!

    I like it. Checking back is also an option as half the deck is good to jam on the river if checked to. If you hit a 3 or an 8 your hand is so disguised you get paid by almost anything he called flop with except a busted draw of his own. But with the stacks this shallow and blinds rising so fast, I like just shoving better.
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