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Shoving the AT

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  • Shoving the AT

    We just got into the money of this 9.player $1.50 SnG. So far, most these guys have been playing pretty snug. A few orbits ago when we wer still 5 handed, I 3-bet shoved the SB and he folded pocket 10 and showed em. However, since the bubble burst they've been more active. I'm thinking my AT has a good chance of being good here, but I'm not about to flat call the opening bet, especially since I won't be closing the action and I'd hate to have to fold to a shove from the button and a call from the SB. So I thought I'd better shove myself and not allow them to play a cheap pot. So the button limped with aces. Nice trap. The big question is - which would have been the better option? * make a normal 3-bet to about 2k here. That would be almost 1/3 of my stack. And then what? - button reshoves, SB folds - I'm calling and getting it in anyways - button reshoves and SB calls - most likely I'm still calling there anyways - button calls and SB reshoves - do I call then with the risk of the button then shoving over the top? probably not. - one or both calls - there's 5k in the pot and I have less than that left. So what on the flop? check/fold I hate, check/call I don't like, and shove whether I hit or not? Why not shove preflop then.... * shove as I did As I was there, these options flashed around, and I didn't like either of the options that followed the normal 3-bet. The only good outcome there would be a call or fold both of them, which I thought rather unlikely, hence my choice for the reshove. So what are your thoughts? --------------------------------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    Hi Ov3rsight! I was in basically the exact same situation twice, live last Tuesday. The only difference was that instead of being in the BB, I was on the button three handed. The key here is that I'm already ITM. Once ITM, the goal is to be in chip accumulation mode, in order to win the tourney. Due to this and that the table is very short handed, which makes any ace a much better hand than normal. I like your shove here with A 10 and made the exact same play in both live hands, once with AKo and the other with A8o. For me, the A8 held, the AK didn't. Also, by shoving first, I'm maximizing my fold equity as either of the others here will be putting their tourney life on the line with a call. Unfortunately, the opp had one of the very few hands that is ahead of A 10. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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