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Muck or shove?

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  • Muck or shove?

    Player who opened pot was a 20/20 through 40 hands, guy who 3 bet I have no reads on was only his second hand at the table, should i muck AK here or is it a cooler.

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    i dont think anything is wrong with how you played man just a cooler i guess... honestly i never fold there thats a good play imo. dude but lets see what the pros say

    i really like the reraisers bet tho
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      Running into AA is definitely bad luck, since there's no way you can put him on that. I agree with pokerstar that the 3bettor sized his bet nicely, because it allows hands that might fold to an all-in the opportunity to stay in the hand by 4bet-shoving, which is obviously good for AA.

      Knowing the format might help here. If you're near the bubble, I'd fold this a lot. I tend to fold this anyway without reads on the 3bettor, but it could be a clear rejam if you know that he's crazy.


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        Was heading toward the bubble but still 50 players left to bust (was the 2.20 rebuy 3k 500 cap [blinds increase every 8 minutes not 10] tourney so could be a while for 50 more to bust), im not a lover of always shipping AK over an opener and a 3bettor but at this late stage of the tournament i opted to go for it. Thanks for your responses guys.
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          Hi darkmajik! With no information on the 3-bettor and with calling costing almost 1/3 of your stack, I think this becomes a shove/fold spot. The 3-bettor sized their bet very well, to put you in a spot where you're almost, but not totally committed to the pot (same for the 2 players behind you). With needing chips in order to make a deep run, I like the shove here. There's already enough chips in the pot (almost 50% of your stack) that if a shove could get them to fold even a small percentage, it'll be a +EV play. If they don't fold, there are only 2 hands that AK is not at least in a race against (or if they call with AQ, then AK dominates them). Unfortunately, the 3-bettor has one of those two hands (AA, KK). I like the decision that was made and would make the same play. The only situation where I'd find a fold here would be on a satty bubble or in a league game. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            Hi dark,

            I like shipping it here, if the villain's 3b/get it in range is something like 99+, AJs+, AQo+ you're 50% equity (and I don't mind taking a flip with only 22 bb's) plus he starts the hand with 28bb so may actually have some 3b bluff range, so fold equity is not zero either.

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