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Wbcoop 4max NLHE

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  • Wbcoop 4max NLHE

    This was late in the tournament.I dint have much info on the villain..apart from the fact that he was tourney chip leader.My thought behind slowplaying was that ..the villain dint cbet the flop which a preflop agressor should have done on this flop..when i hit the turn i check behind because i thought i would give him one more chance to show some aggression..and if hes missed he wud be missed totally and i would give him another card to catch up..I would like to know if i shud have 3bet preflop.I dint do it because i needed to cool off a little bit from the last hand in which i lost around half my stack by a suckout... The villain mucked A10offsuit...Shoudnt he cbet the flop in this spot?

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    Hi nee!

    Why the flat call preflop? 3-handed 99 is a monster preflop. I'd be trying to get all the chips in the middle ASAP. Also you're out of position with a hand that is going to be very difficult to play postflop out of position unless you hit a set. All signs point to 3-betting pre for me.

    The villain mucked A10offsuit...Shoudnt he cbet the flop in this spot?
    Nah. He either has total air or showdown value when he checks back flop. Since he's most likely checking flop intending to call turn, you should lead here. Then lead river and call a shove.
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      But what if he 3-bet pre-flop and the villain calls, and the flop comes a T or higher card and our hero misses the flop. Those broadways would certainly be in the villain's range and we'd be crushed most of the times since the chances of hiting the set would be low here.

      Any thoughts ?


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        Oriholic my thoughts behind not 3betting: I thought since it is 3 handed..the opponent is very less likely to fold to a 3bet with marginal hands like QJ,KJ,K10,Q10,A10,A9,A8s,A7s,22,33,44,55,66,77..
        And playing postflop out of position is dificult even more when the pot is big and ur opponent stack is massive..shoudlnt showdown value be considered only after the river?(From my opponentss point of view) i wud think if ur opponent has called ur bet and checks ..he is most likely to miss a dry flop llike that a cbet wud takke the pot right there..most of the times..
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