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  • Wbcoop nlhe

    Description: This was early in a NLHE WBCOOP tournament.The starting stacks were deep and i dint have any reads on the opponents.I need like to know specifically about bet and 3bet sizing from the perspective of both the players.My thought process: I dint want to put my entire >100BB stack in the middle so early in the tournament with the 2nd best hand. I had a feeling the villain has AA because a min raise UG and a 4bet to a big raise looked like that..i had an option of shoving preflop..but i thot i was in position and also i thought if see an ace on the river i would probably fold to a big bet..The flop was pretty good for me as i wud not expect the villlian to 4bet with 88 or any pocket pair below that. The villain shoved post flop.I used 2mins of my time bank just worrying about AA and i thought a fold would be a donkey fold in this spot.I should call atleast to see his cards.What do u do in such situations Do u go with ur instincts ? Also i think he could have done the same thing with QQ or even KK ..Please suggest ways in which this hand can be played from both sides..and do comment on bet sizing..

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    Hi nee0903 What was the buy in of this tournament ? KK vs AA is a hand nobody is getting away from preflop unless their is a strong enough reason to do so, which isnt the case 99% of the time! Firstly your 3bet amount is oversized, I understand that you want to protect your hand but 3betting to say 700 - 900 would get the same outcome as 3betting it to 8x the original raise ( 1280 ) When the villain 4bets us then alarm bells start ringing and we fear the worst. Maybe if this player has been super duper overly tight we can find a fold but I cant see myself ever doing that, especially if this is a micro stake tournament. I like your flat call, it gives us a chance to get away from the hand if the board comes A high and our opponent barrells us. On this flop were not folding to his pot size shove and we call even though we think we are beat. If I was to play the hand here is what I would have done differently. 3bet to 820 and flat call villains 4bet. Their will be less in the pot here so we will probably have to shove over the top of villains c bet. So either way I cant find a fold. Villains range here is clearly very strong I expect a random to show QQ+ / AKs, with an off chance hes not a very good player and has lower pairs but that's very doubtful. Overall you played the hand fine it's just unfortunate to get coolered so early in a tournament when your so deeply stacked. Keep it up and GL at the tables ! umbup:


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      Thanks for the reply.I totally agree to what u said.This was a freeroll .The WBCOOP tourneys dont have a buyin but from my experience in WBCOOP i could see most of the players were decent or better as compared to my play.


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        I have just clicked on that this is a freeroll tournament , silly me ! This does change things slightly.

        I would still play the hand exactly the same way as I would have previously, only that I would be confident that my kings are good.

        You played the hand fine overall the only thing I would of done differently is lower your 3bet amount

        Gl at the tables



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