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2.20 6 max Was this call so bad?

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  • 2.20 6 max Was this call so bad?

    I was new to the table, so i dont have any info on the villains. This hand was played in the final table bubble of the 2.20 6 max, i usualy dont play this kind of hands, but let me tell you my thoughts and let me know if i was wrong please. First of all i had good odds to play it, i was 60 bb deep and it was sooted besides that this was a 6 max wich i guess its right to play a bit more loose. The villain of the button had QQ, he played this hand very badly in my opinion, if he reraised it would be a easy fold for me. The raiser started complaining in the chat box saying it was a donk call pre flop, so my guess was he had AK AQ AJ. So my question is: Are my thoughts wrong about this hand? Would you guys fold it?

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    Hi WildCard,

    In 6max yes, you will play a little looser than full ring as long as it's loose aggressive rather than loose passive (calling too much).

    In this spot I'm definately folding the 93s. As TheLangolier likes to say we are paying to play a bad hand out of position. There are very few flops we will be happy to put more money in on. We do have a big stack so we can afford to leak a few chips in speculative spots. But if you are new to the table and have no reads on these guys I don't think this is that spot.

    We catch a nice flop for us. 2 pair but with the 3 suited cards. After you've checked the raiser leads out and the button flat calls again. I would definately raise here. We don't want to give these guys a free look at the turn card. The pot is now 132k still a good return on our speculation if we take it down now. I would raise here to something like 124k to deny odds to someone with the Ah.

    On the turn we fill up and I think this is a good spot for a check raise now, or give someone a free look to hit a heart on the river. The small 24k bet looks pretty weak, the button flats again. I think 84k is a bit small. The pot is now 200k I think we can raise here to 100k-120k and someone who calls 84k is still calling.

    Heart comes on the river, so taking the punt here that our friend was on the flush draw we are betting the pot. I think this is ok. If we had raised a bit bigger on the turn this bet could just be allin.

    Congrats on winning a massive pot here on the FT bubble. I hope you put that massive stack to good use on the final table

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        Thanks for the evaluation Andy, very helpful.
        I reached the FT with 3 Mil in chips but i ended 4th, not bad but when you get there with a good lead you expect more



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