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big 11- too tight? folded QQ

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  • big 11- too tight? folded QQ

    still early in the tournament pre - i raised my standard raise and my opp 3bet and i call thinking if he got AK or Ax I will fold if there's an A on the flop but I will donk bet first 50% to 75% of the pot flop - i raise 75% of the pot and he still 3bets me. I don't know what to do. I checked on his stats the problem is my internet connection is so slow that it's almost time and I can't search his name.So I can't call now and fold later so I just fold.
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    Good Luck Pare

    Good decision Pre, if you don't have read better fold now than got pot committed.

    His a shark over $9K Total winning according to OPR

    Could be a set or semi-bluff his flush draw
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      Hi Marvin! With QQ I will definitely raise a limped pot and I will call a 3X 3-bet preflop too. If I knew the opp was a very loose opponent, then I'd consider 4-bet shoving. However, I checked OPR like Hitman did and this opp seems to be a very good, solid, player. The flop then comes with two diamonds and three overcards. I like the lead here and the size of it, as it prices out not only a diamond draw, but also a combo draw. The opp then raises about 1/2 the pot. This type of opp will know that the lead bet prices everything out. They could have JJ or maybe AK here a very small number of times... but this really looks like KK or AA. Due to this, I really like the fold here, as even though QQ is a premium hand, it can very easily be behind. I like the fold here to the line that this type of opp was taking here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Hi Marvin!

        Preflop is perfect. You're likely not in great shape against the range that continues against an EP 4-bet. By just calling you keep his entire 3-bet range in the hand, most of which you're pretty solidly ahead of probably. You are out of position, which is annoying. But QQ should still be pretty playable.

        Really don't like donking flop. By doing so you pretty much only keep in hands that beat you, while by checking you get a bet out of AK (huge part of his range) as well as other unpaired hands and weaker pockets. Also, you prevent yourself from getting value-bluffed by JJ/TT, and bluff-raised by the rest of his range. I really don't like donk/folding here. The only way I think a donk bet makes sense is if you're willing to stack off when he raises or you have a good read that he calls with <JJ and raises only KK+--otherwise you're turning an overpair into a bluff--ew. Considering he has like zero sets, and only a couple flush draws in his range (preflop 3-better) I just don't see what a bet here accomplishes. He can easily raise you with TT/JJ because he feels he has the best hand, AKdd and other big flush draws, because he has a ton of equity, or random air, because you donked into him. I don't really like donking unless I intend to get it in/can fold a low equity hand like a weak draw/backdoor/ace-high/low pair.

        My preferred line would be to check/call flop, check/decide turn. It's also probably cheaper to check/call flop, check/fold turn, than leading so large on flop. And it doesn't iso you with KK/AA. I think most players at this level will shut down on turn unimproved.
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          lessons learnedumbup:



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