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My last hand on the Red Spade

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  • My last hand on the Red Spade

    This player was very very loose and mostly passive, given my stack of about 28 BB and the way he was playing i believe i was pretty much ahead of his range and that also i had some fold equity After all i just think it didnt go my way. 2nd very deep run on the Red Spade, last one 263 of 28338 and today 136 of 24736, iside 1% both times, I guess I just need some key hands late on the tourney to hold or win a flip. Thanks

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    Hi AJEI! Thanks for the read info, that the player was loose. This helps to make my decision here easier. With the opp std raising to 64k, I normally like to make my 3-bets between pot sized and 3X the previous bet. If the opp was aggressive, I'd bet on the smaller end (if I wanted to leave them room to shove over me and wanted to call a shove) or with a more passive player, I'll go toward the higher end. A 3X raise here is to 192k, which is above my 1/3 stack commitment point. Due to this, I would shove in this situation, especially with a loose opponent. If I was to flat the raise here, then that is going to most likely make the limper call, so that I would more outs that could beat me, due to the extra player being in the pot. With this being the case, I would not flat the raise. It will be either a shove or if against an extremely tight opp (only playing QQ+) then I might be able to find a fold here, but with a loose opp, I would shove. JJ vs a top 10% hand (much tighter range than a loose passive would normally play) is a 57-43% favorite. Against a looser range (25%) JJ is a 2-1 favorite. By shoving, I'm never going to have more than 50% in the pot, so as long as the opp is calling with a range looser than top 5%, it will be a +EV play for me.... and that's if they never fold. Great run in the tournies and I totally agree that if a player is going to win a tourney, they normally have to win a few coin-flips along the way. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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