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  • Need advice

    I'm looking for some advice when it comes down to playing certain type of hands at different intervals throughout the length of tourney.

    1) Heads up holding 78% of chips pocket 77

    2) Four spots from final table in BB pocket 55 with 5 limpers in front one short stacked raise or? (chronic callers/limpers in front.)

    3) The bubble somewhat short stacked holding pocket KK

    4) An all-in shove from insano donk holding AQs call or?

    5) Second hand of tourney pocket 88

    6) Middle of tourney KJs UTG

    7) Heads up holding any A K Q on a dry board (note w/o hitting flop)

    8) After someone limped what constitutes calling an all-in after I in BB shoved (really curious about this)

    Well, guess I'm good for now with the eights questions/points noted and do look forward to some advice regarding this, but really like some honest opinions in regards to #8 there since trying to figure out what goes through someones mind while deciding to make that call.

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    hey barney im attaching a link of a video i saw the other day in here from one of the trainers, i think that it will best answer all your questions. If you are serous about playing this is one that you should watch there is also a part 2 to this which goes to final table. Its really good. Its based on a 40 man SNG but im guessing its the correct strategy to follow for any MTT. Good luck


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      Hi barnie427! There isn't going to be one set answer for these other than.... It Depends. Situations when playing will be determined by the opponents, their stack size, your stack size, their type of play (loose, tight, aggressive, passive), position and other factors. Without the specific info for each of these situations, there is not a general answer for them. Each one could be to raise, call or fold and without the table dynamics, each of those 3 answers can easily apply to each situation. If there is a hand that you're wondering about, please post it in the hand analysis section along with any reads that you have on the relevant opps in the hand and we'll be happy to give you our opinions on them. Good luck at the tables. umbup: John (JWK24)

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