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Is this guy Trappy, or just a poor player?

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  • Is this guy Trappy, or just a poor player?

    Here's a hand from a $5.50 tourney I'm in right now. This is early in the tourney and I'm not involved in the hand. My question concerns the Guy with AK here. So is this a trap gone wrong or a weak player? **EDIT** This is the next hand that he played..... Still confused on him.
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    Hi BandShooter,

    I vote "poor player", "prone to tilt shoves", "prone to stupid/risky slow plays".

    Obviously, 2 hands are not enough to say specifically, but it looks like in hand #1 he over valued AK by thinking it was "bullet proof" on a paired least bullet proof enough to call a pretty big pot over bet bad.

    The 2nd hand looks like was steaming because he got burnt in hand 1, and he was NOT going to let himself get sucked out on cheaply. As a result, he made a bet which SHOULD be pretty "value owning" to him (the other donk made a huge mistake in flatting 1100 on just 99 here; he shoulda shoved or mucked), and kind of got lucky that the other guy was just as bad. a player.

    It is marginally possible that the guy we are talking about here IS a good player, who "knew" the player he was betting into huge would call that huge bet weakly, but I kinda doubt it.

    So as of now, I'd put him in the "poor player" category, and bet my good value hands accordingly.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      You read it right JD.

      He played about 4 hands after this and was out of the Tournement before the first hour. I however managed to last much longer. Got almost all the way.... to the bubble....

      Sigh. Thanks for the read though.




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