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Right play or not?

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  • Right play or not?

    Hi there, I was thinking a whole day about this hand, its 3 handed play on the final table of a 1.50 dollar 45 Turbo MTT SNG. Villian on the button had a fairly loose range (35/26) altho my sample wasnt that big 36 hands on him. The short stack ad a tight passive range (20/11) I ask myself can i get away with AQs, its a monster 3-handed. The only argue i could make myself is that there is still a shorty on the table. Or should i just call and see the flop? My all-in raise was trying to get him off a weak pair, weak Ace, KJ+ My second question i asked myself and putting myself in his shoes, did he made the right call with 55? Could he get away with that hand? Also in mind that there is still a shorty in the hand. And i had a tight/agressive style of (15/13) Thanks in advance. Cheers Nominga umbup:
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    Hi nominga, I think I would only call in that situation allowing you fold equity on the flop.
    Yes it was as strong hand 3 way,however it was a risky play with a shorter stack on the table.
    I always ask myself one question,do I need to, I would be looking for the short stack to knock themselves out first.
    hope this helps just my verdict.


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      We are 3 handed. We are playing to win. Insta shove. Cant be results oriented. If it makes you feel better i personally think his 55 call is worse than our AQs shove even though i think 55 is still a close call and btw was that a 4x open? Dont lose sleep over this! Hope this helps!


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        Hi nominga! First, great job of getting into the top 3, where the larger payouts are! Once inside the top 3, the goal is to get the rest of the chips in order to win the tourney. UTG makes a raise to 4BB on my BB. Was a raise to 4BB something the opp did and showed their hand before? That's the one and only thing that could even remotely have an effect on what I'd do here. Some players will raise 4X only with AA or KK. Most likely this opp isn't going to be one of them. As long as this is not the case, AQs plays very well against one opp (is a favorite from pokerstove against any range wider than a top 8% hand). With only 3 players left, players will typically be raising preflop wtih a much wider range than this.... which makes AQs the favorite in the hand. I like the shove here and would be making the same play. There are only a few hands that have me dominated, a few that I have dominated and many will put me into a race. To win these tourneys I'm going to have to win a few races and I'm happy taking that chance here. Unfortunately AQs lost the race to 55, but really, with either two cards, I'd be looking for a race and would be happy to get into one. I think this hand was played well by both and unfortunately, the other hand held this time. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Thanks for the reply's guys. It was my first hand analyses, its nice to see other people there point of view on it. It will def help my play.

          When i lost this had i still had a 2k stack and made it back to 18k unfortunate i didnt win it but ended 2nd.

          Back to grinding those



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